Tell Prevagen to end cruel animal tests!

Quincy Bioscience, the manufacturers of Prevagen® memory support supplement, are using animals in cruel and unnecessary experiments. Tell the company you will boycott their products until they adopt a full non-animal testing policy.

An investigation by CAARE has revealed that Prevagen®, the number one selling supplement to support memory, is being tested on animals. These tests are completely unjustified and need to stop.

Apoaequorin – the active ingredient in Prevagen® –is naturally found in jelly fish, but the company synthesizes apoaequorin and points out that jelly fish are unharmed in the making of Prevagen®.

We wish they could say the same for other animals. Quincy Bioscience uses rats in cruel experiments to study apoaequorin’s effect on brain cells. One study infused apoaequorin directly into the brains of 142 rats, then killed them.

Quincy Bioscience also provided support for experiments on rats that put them in chambers where they received painful electric shocks to their feet. Then they were killed.

Quincy Bioscience has also conducted experiments on beagles to study supplements to support brain function in aging dogs. The product, Neutricks, which also contains apoaequorin, is manufactured by its affiliate company Quincy Animal Health.

Fortunately the dog studies were not invasive and none were killed. But the dogs were obtained through a contract lab and likely spent much of their lives in a lab setting. One study used 24 beagles, ages 9 through 17. How pitiful to think of these dogs living their lives in a contract lab instead of a loving home.

Please send your letter today asking Quincy Bioscience to end animal tests and let the company know you will boycott Prevagen® and Neutricks until they do.

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I was very disturbed to learn that Quincy Bioscience is conducting invasive and lethal animal tests to study apoaequorin, the active ingredient in Prevagen®, and other aspects of brain function. Quincy Bioscience has supported studies in which rats had apoaequorin directly infused into the brain before being killed. Other studies supported by Quincy Bioscience involved inducing fear in rats by applying electric shocks to their feet, after which they were killed.

I was also disappointed to learn that Quincy Animal Health has conducted research on beagles for the product Neutricks. While these studies were non-invasive, I oppose animals being subjected to a life of laboratory housing in order to take part in experimental studies. All dogs deserve a loving home, not life in a lab.

Quincy Bioscience assures the public that Prevagen® is manufactured without harming jelly fish. Obviously you understand that harming animals is a matter of great concern to the public.

Please end all support for or participation in animal experiments and adopt a full and ethical non-animal testing policy. Until that happens, I will boycott Prevagen® and Neutricks, and tell my friends and family to do the same.


Update #111 months ago
Wow! More than 155,000 of you have signed our petition calling on Prevagen to end its cruel animal tests, and we’re still going strong!

Can you help us take this campaign to the next level? We’re fundraising to run ads on CNN and other networks to spread the word about our boycott against Prevagen’s cruel animal tests.

Your donation of just $5 to CAARE will help us stop Prevagen’s needless tests on rats and dogs.

Thank you for all you do for animals!
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