Expose Dr. Robert E Pitman , Athens Al

Dr. Robert E. Pitman, who operates the Limestone Athens Dog Pound, Athens, Al and is the Vet at the Limestone Veterinary Clinic, needs to be exposed and held accountable for his  Negligence regarding the death of the animals in the  "Dog Pound" and widespread outbreak of disease at this facility.  I operate a non profit  501(c)3 NO KILL Animal Rescue and recently rescued an 8 wk old puppy from this facility named Dozer.  Unknowlingly, I also brought home Parvo.  Dozer had vet records stating that he had been vaccinated.  He broke with Parvo 1 day after I had him.  Parvo has killed one of my own dogs, STAR, who is the dog in the image and also 3 others I have...all young pups.  There are many sick dogs at this facility and I hold Dr. Pitman soley responsible for this crisis.  This is a person that charges outrageous fees, has had many "disputed" situations occur over the past 7+ years and still is in practice.  Many people in the Athens Community have information concerning his  Negligence but will not come forward because of the power that Dr. Pitman "supposedly" has.  It is a small town and he is very close to the Mayor and all the city/county commissioners.  His contract is renewed each year because he owns the property where the pound is and no other individual wants to take on the responsibility of operating the animal shelter.  He is the President of the Alabama State Board of Veterinary Medical Examimers which yields him the opportunity to escape any criticism or reprisal for his actions.   He is also against community funded spay/neuter clincis in the state of Alabama. I work with many animals shelters..good ones.  I never pay "pull" fees because the good shelters want the animals to be saved and so they can have space for the thousands of other animals that will come through their doors.  Dozer had a $150 "sponsor" fee..which included deworming, booster and bordtella.  Simply OUTRAGEOUS.   He was too young to have his Rabies and to young to be neutered.  I was told that if I brought a receipt to show he has been altered the person who sponsored Dozer could get reimbursed and the fee would then only be $65.  That is still $85.  Yes, he can legally charge what ever price he wants, but this is, in my opinion, extremely high.  There have been recent situations where a healthy dog was neutered and it died, another dog altered and transported out of state and it died 2 days later.  I WANT THIS VET AND HIS PRACTICE INVESTIGATED.  I am dealing with multiple deaths of healthy, innocent animals because of this person.  Yes, some will say...sorry...can't save them all or protect them all..parvo does not discriminate.  I know this, but this was unnecessary.  Dozer had his shots on 12/24 and transported to me on 12/31. ( 7 days)   Incoming puppies with a history of contact or exposure to the disease should be quarantined for 14 days if possible to watch for the onset of signs and Parvo had been in this facility.  I could not get Dozer to my vet for a diagnosis until Jan 2 because of the New Year's Holiday.  When will this horrible nightmare stop?   WHEN ENOUGH PEOPLE BAND TOGETHER AND DO SOMETHING instead of turning a BLIND EYE and walking away in fear.  Please help me get the attention that this crusade needs.  Please sign and help me honor my precious "Star" who died in my arms and my 7 tiny babies that are now paying the utlimate price for this man's greed and Negligence.

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