Help Me get a reading from Theresa Caputo

I lost my mom 11/12/2007. my only daughter Morgan and Granny was like two peas in a pod. They were together always. Morgan is now 17 years old and wanting to become a vet. She has never been the same since mom died. Last year Theresa Caputo was at Lousville ky (Louisville Palace) As the saying goes if I don't have bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all. I found out 2 weeks before the date. I gave 300.00? for 3 tickets .. I wanted what they call VIP tickets where you have a meet and greet.. I was hoping that was when maybe I could get a reading then.. I got a email saying I could get row 3 and a vip meet and greet ticket for 165.00 more . Just 1 ticket though. I just got my dream camera.. Well you know what happen next don't we. I ended up pawning my dream camera( I never pawn anything in my life) I wanted Morgan to sit in the seat and do the meet and greet. But she wanted me to get the read.. Well we got no readings and the meet and greet well it was like we say on the farm.. Herd you thru like cattle.. Theresa was very nice and acted like she wanted to say something but her people where rushing everyone out.. Theresa if you read this I  gave you a large stain glass angel that would hang in a window.. Well my story dosent end there on my way home which was 2 1/2 hours away . my new car blew the raditor up. and it was 5 months before I got that fixed.. Well guess what Theresa is coming to louisville Palace again on 10/17/2013.. This time I got 3 tickets for the pit area... I need help I know!! But if you have kids you will do anything for them. Won't we...Help me please to get a reading for Morgan!!!! I'm trying to get notice here!!! If I get alot of signatures maybe Theresa will see it and give Morgan a read ..

Theresa Please Read.. Help us get in touch with Theresa Caputo.. This For my 17 year old daughter Morgan..I think if she gets this read it will be a life changing event for her and I both.I only have morgan and like her I was an only child.. When I lost mom I lost all of my family..It's just Morgan and I.. We dont take vacations.. I work 3 jobs.. I never been to medium before.. we never flew in a airplane before.. we both are scared of heights.. But if we had to fly to see Theresa we would both get on that plane.. I know it's sounds crazy and before 11/2007 I would say the same thing... But If you lost mom, dad ,son ,daughter,brother,sister or grandparents.. You would be like me If I could just talk to my mom Just 1 more time..

Update #34 years ago
Hello everyone, I'm up to 30 today 10/2/2013 . I have 15 more days to go I NEED HELP PLEASE!!!! please help me find people to sign this....Thank you all.. Donna
Update #24 years ago
Hello ,
it's Donna again... I'm at 15 signed now... I have until 10/17/2013 to get as many as I can....
PLEASE if you can post this on your facebook or your friends.. Please do so...I need help please..
This is for my daughter Morgan...thanks Donna
Update #14 years ago
Well I'm up to 7 people that has signed my petition.. I got till 10/17/ 2013 to get as many as I can.. Can anyone help me please.. Do you know people that would sign this .. This is for my 17 year ols daughter... Thanks again you all are great people... :)
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