Bring Israel to account for its crimes against humanity

People around the world are traumetised and feel helpless in regard to Israel's siege of Palestine and its barbaric treatment of the Palestinian people. The people of most (especially) Western nations rightly feel unrepresented by their goverments' refusal to even rebuke Israel for its atrocities. Israel must be shown that no matter what its creed, it does not have impunity to murder, oppress and to continue pillaging more land. To be a member of the 'family of nations', Israel must express decency which it does not.

Because most Western governments as well as the UN are compromised and unable to expel their Israeli ambassadors, take effective action or even rebuke Israel for its perpetual atrocities, it has become necessary for citizens of the world to self represent and take individual action in this matter.

We the undersigned believe that by its heinous behaviour recently and almost continuously in the past, Israel has forfeited its right of nationhood and should now be proclaimed a mere pretender and rogue entity.

We accuse Israel of crimes against humanity and we bear the necessary works for Israel’s leaders to be tried before the world’s highest court. We request all states of the world to issue arrest warrants for all leaders of Israel.

We invite institutions, authorities and unions around the world to cease all exchanges and services to Israeli aircraft, ships and other means of transport and communication. We invite citizens of all nations to bocott all possible Israeli products including food items displaying Kosher quality. 

If Israel claims authority from God for its behaviour, we challenge the god of Israel because we do not believe the one true God would authorise or request the barbarity and depravity Israel expresses. We believe Israel is either profoundly misguided or its work is fully evil. We believe Israel’s heinous behaviour is largely the result of profound misguidedness through which it has developed an array of dogmatic creed aberrations significantly stemming from its self-interpretation of the meaning of supposedly being chosen by God. These aberrations include the conditions of obsessive elitism and supremacism within humanity and impunity to murder and maim other humans when and in what numbers Israel regards as appropriate.

We do not believe that the so-called “Promised Land” is a Divine gift exclusively given to the Jewish people, but instead if it is true at all, it is given to the ’seed of Abraham’ which includes the Arab nations and must therefore be shared without the perverse actions Israel has undertaken. Indeed, Israel’s perverse actions bring forfeiture to its claims of the said land.

Nomenclature: Belief is an analytical procedure to know, or an in-vivo applied hypothesis.

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