Stop the abuse of animals in the Mendoza Zoo!

  • by: Margherita Bandini
  • recipient: The governor of Mendoza province in Argentina, Alfredo Cornejo
Animals in the Mendoza Zoo in Argentina are facing captivity in inhumane conditions – cramped cages, no enrichment, scorching summer heat.

When you sign this petition, you will support the decision to take these animals from simply “being” in an inhumane condition and help them finally “live” a life worth living. Free from abuse and hardships that they should never have suffered.

Among them is Arturo, the polar bear that made headlines a few years ago. The director of Mendoza Zoo, Gustavo Pronotto, has so far refused to relocate the suffering animals – we mustn't back down, and show him how strong our determination to end these animals' suffering is by signing, sharing and pressurising the local government!

We live in a modern world in which information on how animals must be treated is readily available. Keeping a 30 year-old polar bear in a tiny cage with a pool less than 1m deep when temperatures can reach 40C (104F) is downright criminal. Is this the example of human ethics we want our children to find when they're browsing the internet, or when the news of Arturo's death hits international headlines?

With your help, this situation will change!

Unlike previous petition, we are not asking to transport Arturo all the way to Canada, enduring a long and dangerous journey. What we propose is much simpler and will bring greater and long-term advantages.

The closure of the zoo and relocation of all the animals to a better facility would give the Mendoza Province a chance to come out of the rut it has fallen into, gather approval from the public, remodel the zoo with larger, more suitable enclosures and enter the modern world in which animals in captivity are treated with the respect they deserve.

The animals, including Arturo, will have the possibility to live out their lives in humane conditions, with temperatures, space and stimulating activities suited to their needs.

The animals of the Mendoza Zoo are in danger, but we are still in time to save their lives and show future generations that together we can defeat selfishness and cruelty!
Dear Gov. Cornejo, 

I urge you to take action regarding the Mendoza Zoo that has been makign the news for the last few years. The Mendoza Province is now unambiguously linked to animal abuse, the "saddest polar bear in the world" and tourism will surely be affected.

Luckily, there is a solution, and it is not to send Arturo the polar bear all the way to Canada, putting his life further at risk.

No, the solution is clear and right there in Argentina. What you must do is relocate the animals from the Mendoza Zoo to other facilities with better conditions. Arturo could be moved to the Buenos Aires Zoo, for example, that has an empty polar bear enclosure. This absence of animals will give the Mendoza Zoo the time and resources to redesign and upgrade all its enclosures.

When the work is finished, the animals can return.

The advantages are complete and long­term:

* the animals present now will be moved to a more suitable location.

* the Mendoza Zoo and Province will regain trust and respect from the global public

* future animals at the zoo will have a modern, state-­of-­the-­art facility in which they can live a decent life

Having been seen and signed by so many people, I trust that this solution will be swiftly and efficiently endorsed and that we can start seeing the positive changes as soon as possible.

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Thank you very much,

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