Remove Ted Cruz from office

      • Cruz bumped Sen. Tom Udall (D-N.M.) in the hallway, pointed and said "what's that on your tie?" When Udall looked down Cruz flipped up his hand, batting him in the face. As Udall arrived at the Senate cafeteria, he noticed his lunch money was gone.

      • Ted Cruz regularly sits on the hood of his Camaro in the Senate parking lot, with a toothpick in his mouth, waiting for the Senate Women's Caucus to let out.

      • When Sen. John McCain asked Cruz what he was filibustering against, Cruz replied "whaddya got?"

      • Suspect fitting Cruz's description drove slowly by the White House, clinking three empty beer bottles stuck to his fingers and taunting, "Obaaaamaaa! Come out to play-ee-yay!"

      • Spends all Republican caucus meetings slowly rocking his back-row chair, chewing gum and cracking wise.

      • Anonymous complaint filed with the Senate Ethics Committee alleged a certain Texas senator "only refers to Hawaii Sen. Schatz by the present-tense version of his name."

      • Gave Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank a swirly. Refused to pay for replacement eyeglass lens.

      • His knuckle tattoos read "SINE DIE." (Cruz lost his left pinkie at a high-stakes Federalist Society moot court.)

      • Joined Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) for an extended game of keep-away with Sen. Leahy's lip balm. The Senate Judiciary Committee meeting had to be rescheduled.

      • Every time Sen. Barbara Mikulski enters a room, Cruz slicks back hair and says, "How YOU doin'?"

      • Cruz interrupted a long answer by SecDef nominee Chuck Hagel, with "speaking of drones, we gonna wrap this up soon?"

If it's the Constitution as it stands Mr.Cruz has already failed twiced, perhaphs even three times.

1. the second amendment clearly refers to the right to bear POWDER and BALL muskets, single shot and or revolvers, also single shot.
It can in no way be superimposed to justify a person armed with weapons which could've have taken out a pre-revolutionary war militia in minutes and of course a whole clasroom of children.
2. the Constitution requires that congress PAY all foreign and domestic debts, there are no addendums in the amendment to suggest that this law was optional. There has been talk as to whether Social Security should be paid if in fact, republicans like Cruz choose to defy their Constitutional obligation to do so. Keep in mind that everytime a paycheck was cut, a person contributed as one would to a stock a liability to the US of A. The liabilty comes into play when a person collects SS disability, the very reason for the creation of SS and the annuities a person collects if in fact they retire at 65?
A liabilty in any business is an obligation, debt that must be paid, like an unused deposit must be returned.
3. when Mr.Cruz and the rest of the reps swore to serve our nation, that swearing precludes any oath he took to another entity, Grover Norquist. Not at any time should a entity other than the US odf A dictate Mr. Cruz tax policy. One can not serve two masters.

Finally much weight has been put onto the tea party's(who stand on not defending the constitution) darling, Mr.Cruz.
Does the tea party, republicans, or Mr. Cruz honestly believe Americans of Mexican descent or any othe hispanic who did not get special wet foot dry foot laws made for them to support him?
I hardly think so.
Cubans have always had a sweet little deal that is contrary to our Constitution considering it prefers Cubans with this wet foot dry foot law and disregards any other hispanic people who may have immigrated here illegally for much better reasons than cited for the Cuban deal.
Mr. Cruz doesn't have to feel lonely, Mr. Rubio is in the same boat with him, but never fear, our nation prefers Cubans just get your feet on dry ground.

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