• by: Lisa Ann Larramendy
  • target: Congressman: Doug Lamborn, Senators: Mark Udall & John Bennett, Govenor: John Hickenlooper, & Denver Animal Control

We respectfully request the state of Denver and more specifically the city of Denver end it's use of BSL. (Breed Specific Legislation)

                   We as Animal Lovers, Pet owners, and animal Advocates believe laws pertaining to animal control should address Deed not Breed. The key to animal safety is education, not BSL. Educating pet owners about responsible ownership,and proper care and training. We believe an animal ambassador program is essential, as it will assist in ending misguided fears about unjustly profiled breeds. The key is to all of this is bringing about a new generation of pet owners, animal control officers, and animal advocates everywhere.

                       BSL is the equivalent of racial profiling....and has no place in a civilized society. Rounding up dogs because they look like or are one of the banned breeds is like is like rounding up random white men because they "look like" a supremist, or random black or hispanic men because they "look like" a gang member. Are we going to round up everyone who is Middle Eastern because they "look like" a terrorist? It is the same thing.

                                                            DEED NOT BREED....or where does it end?

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