Stop Backyard Baiting and Killing of our Indigenous Deer

This is both dangerous and highly destructive. It is so far beneath what Greenwich, CT should be doing to their last suburban wildlife whose contribution to the ecology is immeasurable.

The Deer are a Keystone Species, and once they are brought to extinction, the repercussions of this misguided and ignorant extermination will have effects far beyond what is currently known by any scientific study.

The Deer actually help to keep the forest understory manageable, and are NOT the source of the LYME Tick, as is wrongfully promoted by some blinded people in government today.

It is the Field Mouse and Birds who spread the Lyme tick, which itself was a USDA Laboratory-made infected Tick intended for use as a Bio-weapon.  However, the infected Tick escaped from a badly run lab in Long Island Sound, and hitched rides on migrating Birds approximately 30 years ago. Thus, it is not the Deer who are to be scapegoated here. The Tick, like all parasites, attaches itself to any warm blooded mammal.

You would have to live in a parking lot, without any vegetation or natural life around you, to be able to eradicate any parasite that has lived in nature for thousands of years.

The fact remains that the indigenous Deer are very important to keeping the Lyme Tick away from people, since they keep the forest manageable with its understory being kept from overgrowing, which attracts vermin and other parasites.

We must stop this horrible tactic to Backyard Bait and Execute our last remaining Deer! Please help be a voice to save our Environment and the natural landscape! Thank you!

Dear Sir/Madame: 

The Deer are not resposible for the Lyme Tick. If you knew anything about the history of the Lyme Tick, you would understand that a USDA Laboratory, located in Long Island Sound, is responsible for this biological warfare weapon that got off the island by hitching a ride on migrating birds.

With this said, the misguided tactic of exterminating our indigenous Deer by using them as the scapegoat for the Lyme Tick is a heinous and disrespectful betrayal of your job to protect our last remaining Natural Environment in its totality.

Most Connecticut residents are horrified to discover that this "backyard baiting and extermination" has been going on for almost 10 years. This was never voted upon by taxpayer referendum, nor were new home buyers ever made aware of this highly dangerous tactic that is a disaster to our last remaining open spaces, and not to mention our neighborhoods.

This "policy" is wrong. It is far reaching in its destruction to the balance of the ecology, and the Deer are not the problem when you are examing the Lyme Tick issues.

Additionally, there are natural ways to protect oneself from any Lyme Tick by spraying Essential Oils such as Eucalyptus, Lavendar, Peppermint, and Tea Tree oils [just to name a few] in a spray bottle with pure vodka as the solvent. In fact, this pro-active method not smells good but is good for the planet by keeping dangerous chemicals off of our bodies and practicing centuries old and powerful health measures that would everyone some good.

Stop the unnecessary killing and the pandering to a small, radical group who wrongfully call themselves "hunters" but are, in reality, very far removed from the actual definition of what a "Hunter" actually does to the environment. NO Hunter worth their salt would sit, with bait, in a backyard. This is an outrageous act of simple execution.

Stop the apathy. Stand up and save the Environment.

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