Remove Humane Officer Sandy Scalla from law enforcement.

    February 2017, I was contacted by a father and a daughter seeking help and placement for two cats belonging to the daughter's mother. There was welfare concern for the cats.

    After networking with other rescues, a home was found for the cats. After a few days of convincing the mother to allow the daughter and ex to get the cats....arrangements were made. Upon the arrival of the father and daughter....the mother was acting erratic. The house was in disarray, filthy and there was cat urine and feces throughout the house along with garbage. The older cat, Pedro, was located first. The cat was skin and bones....barely alive! As the search for the other cat continued...the mother badgered and harassed the father and daughter. Finally, the second cat was located. Gizmo was found dead....locked in a room....with his mouth bloody and paws bloody from trying to get out of the room by digging at the door. Gizmo was skin and bones as well.

    The father and daughter proceeded to bring both cats to a rescuer. While in route...the old cat, Pedro, died in the daughter's arms. The daughter was a minor.

    Being that the incident happened in Lackawanna County, PA....jurisdiction was Griffin Pond Animal Shelter. Humane Officer Sandy Scalla was contacted and informed of the cruelty situation. All information was handed over to her. The bodies of the cats were held by the rescuer.

    While conducting the investigation Sandy Scalla informed the rescuer that she (Sandy Scalla) "cannot morally file charges because the mother is sick. (Physically and mentally)". Sandy also stated, "Karma will get her". During the course of the conversation, HO Scalla stated that the 14 year old daughter should have done more to help the cats. (Mind you the daughter lived with the father on the other side of town and obviously doesn't drive.)


    After the in-depth conversation Officer Scalla also stated her personal struggles with her job....including failing to prosecute a woman intentionally drowning a dachshund in the river by repeatedly submerging it underwater. Officer Scalla also stated she did "something really bad" of which she has to "take a leave of absence".

    Clearly Officer Scalla has lost the meaning of being a Humane Officer. She appears no longer effective in the duties of being a humane officer and should be removed permanently and immediately from ANY and ALL future jobs in the animal field.

    Humane Officer Sandy Scalla has neglected her duties and obligation to PROSECUTE animal abusers and FAILED to be a voice for the voiceless. Furthermore, there is concern to her compassion towards animals since her comment, "did something really bad", was made.

    We strongly request that a serious investigation be made pertaining to Officer Scalla by the board of directors at Griffin Pond Animal Shelter into her investigations and conduct as a humane officer.
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