Tell SF Restaurant: Don't Use Loophole to Keep Serving Foie Gras

  • by: Susan V
  • target: Presidio Social Club, San Francisco

San Francisco’s Presidio Social Club is looking for a loophole to exempt it from the new ban on serving foie gras in California.

Foie gras is one of the world's most cruelly produced "delicacies." Workers at foie gras plants have been filmed ramming pipes down the throats of ducks to pump pounds of grain and fat directly into their stomachs to engorge their livers. Among other painful effects, it often causes their organs to rupture.

It’s a practice so flagrantly inhumane that 15 countries have outlawed it, with California joining them on July 1.

Despite the despair that goes into every delicacy served, the Presidio Club plans to serve foie gras this weekend to celebrate France’s Bastille Day, flaunting it as a “freedom” for Californians. What about freedom for these tortured birds?

Californians, refuse to take one bite of Presidio‘s “Delicacy of Despair. Tell Presidio to take foie gras off its menu for good.

We, the undersigned, hope that this petition and the video will serve to shame anyone who even considers ordering foie gras at your restaurant or anywhere else.

As the first commentator on the petition notes:
How could anyone want to eat the end result of such horrific cruelty? If it doesn`t poison your body, it must surely poison your soul.

The ASPCA opposes the practice, as do 15 other countries. The fact that the Presidio Social Club would seek a loophole in California’s progressive action to ban the dish, citing its location on federal property as an excuse, we hope will show just how low your establishment has stooped to try avoid doing the right and humane thing.

We request that you and any patrons you have left view the video provided by PeTA and acquaint yourselves with exactly what producing this “delicacy of despair” entails and that it will convince you of the cruelty of your plans - that it will convince you to take the dish off your menu forever.

Thank you for your time.

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