Tell ABC: Reschedule and Renew Forever!

Forever is a wonderful show.

First of all, the acting, especially that of Ioan Gruffudd, is just fantastic. The cast has great on-screen chemistry. All of them, especially Gruffudd, are so charismatic in their roles. They make fans care about the characters and what happens to them.

The writing is great. It is exciting, emotional, funny, and cinematic and keeps viewers on the edges of their seats. Also, each episode carries a message of hope and the advice that life should be cherished and never taken for granted. With all the suffering in this world, with all of the challenges we all face, that is a wonderful message and a wonderful piece of advice to receive.

Also in regards to the writing, the characters all stand out as individuals. They all have their own personalities, thus each of them brings something to the table, so to speak. Fans are able to love them all equally because they are all different.

Forever also stands out against other procedurals because Henry Morgan is immortal. It has a supernatural element to it. No other procedural airing right now can claim that.

The show's mystery element is also great. How did Henry become immortal? Who or what cursed him? Will he ever figure out how to break his curse? If he does, what will he do? And just who is Adam? What does he want from Henry? How did he even find out about Henry? How did he come to know that Henry is afflicted with the exact same curse? These questions the show has posed keep viewers on the edges of their seats! We want answers to them and to many other questions. Many fans have come up with their own theories to try to answer them all! (In a Facebook group, we members swap theories all the time!)

It isn't that people are not watching Forever. First of all, the ratings system is outdated. Not all DVR viewing is factored in, and online viewing (for example, on, isn't even factored in at all. If those two things were counted in an up-to-date ratings system, Forever's numbers would be much higher.

Another thing that does not help the show is its timeslot. Tuesdays at 10pm has never faired well for new shows. Many new shows placed in that slot never made it past their first season. We fans do not want Forever to meet the same fate. We love it too much to let that happen. Also, we believe it is unfair to make Forever compete with veteran dramas, Chicago Fire and Person of Interest. Forever is a new show. It needs to compete with other new shows. Pitting Forever against Chicago Fire and Person of Interest is apples to oranges. Forever also needs a better lead-in. Its audience is different than that of the Marvel shows. Forever would be better off having Castle as its lead-in. Those two shows do have similar audiences. We therefore also ask you to please move it to a better timeslot and pair it with Castle.

We know you believe in Forever, otherwise you would not have given it a full season order. Please take we fans into consideration and move Forever out of the Tuesdays at 10pm timeslot, pair it with Castle, and renew it!

Update #59 years ago
Hey, everyone!

ABC is supposed to announce their decisions regarding their fall lineup next week! We may know the fate of Forever as early as May 11. That's why I closed this petition on the finale airdate. I wanted to take as much time as I thought was needed to impact the executives.

I just want to thank EACH & EVERY SINGLE PERSON who signed & shared this! I hope we can make a difference! Thank you to all 21, 7150+ of you! <3 Abby
Update #49 years ago
Hey, everybody! Thanks for keeping this going! You all are AWESOME! I know that when we present a united front, we have a MUCH better chance of making an impact! I want to give a special shout out to the individual who gave feedback here: thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to voice your thoughts and for posting the petition link to the Forever page on Facebook! That can ONLY help!
Please keep sharing the petition link everywhere you can!


Update #39 years ago
Thank you all again SO MUCH for signing and sharing! The momentum we have going is amazing! Let's keep it up! Here's to meeting and breaking our next goal of 7,000! Abby
Update #29 years ago
Hey, everyone!
As you can see, we have PASSED our second goal and are closer than ever to our new goal of 3,000 signatures! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Let's keep bringing the pressure! :-)
Update #19 years ago
We are closer than ever to our new goal of 2,000 signatures! Thank you so much, everyone! Keep sharing as much as you can!
Abby :)
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