Stop the 3X per week gassing of pets!!

  • by: 2Terri Drennen
  • target: Cleveland County Animal Shelter, North Carolina

Gassing our beloved cats and dogs is the most painful, slow way to put them to death. This shelter is saying they are giving them 72 hours, yet after doing some research, they do not even get that time. Mothers and puppies, kittens, cats are gassed immediately, it's time, folks, to put the money WE know is out there to good use! I am calling for this shelter to stop this, there are great people trying to help out the animals and get them out of there, but they are gassing faster than the good people can get them out. Gassing is basically suffocating them slowly. Mothers die with their paws wrapped around their puppies, kittens, and this has to stop, this country that has more than enough money to put an end to this horrible brutality once and for all. So let's go animal lovers, lovers of life, and tell them to STOP IT NOW!! Thank you!!

Dear fellow animal lover: I want to thank you for taking the time to sign this petition, The Cleveland County Animal Shelter in NC is gassing our four legged friends 3 times per week! They state they give them 72 hours to get a chance, but after much research, they are not even getting that, Pregnant mother animals, mothers with their legs wrapped around their puppies and kittens are being gassed, which is slowly suffocated, a very painful and less costly way of doing away with them as if they are non living entities. These are feeling, loving, living beings, and deserve better. Let us raise our voices and our signatures to be the voice of the innocent victims that were brought into the world at no fault of their own. I cannot thank you enough. For the animals... Many thanks to Care2Causes as well for providing us a site to help these animals as well. I know each one saved would thank you so much if they could. :)

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