Against the setting traps and torturing pigeons in Europe cities (Ljubljana)

In Ljubljana (Slovenia), in the city center, we can often see daggers on canopies, as well as hidden sticky traps for pigeons. We are convinced that such pigeon traps are part of other European cities too.
True animal lovers, we do not differentiate which bird, the animal is nicer, more valuable and deserves our positive attention and which does not. For example, as the limited thinking of the people majority:" wild rats, pigeons are disgusted and therefore are of the opinion that they should be killed..." This example of people's limited thinking is a fine example of how stereotypes of society are destroying the lives of different animal species. People with such a view, an underestimation of animals, set traps for these WILD pigeons & rats out of their selfish limitation, torture them, mistreat them, and in the extreme even intentionally kill them. This people are sick in their minds, their soul dont deserve beauty of life and needs to be punish!

As the author of this petition, I have repeatedly encountered damaged pigeons, tied legs, many times even completely glued feathers with this dandruff, wings when they can no longer fly due to sticky traps. In the city of Ljubljana, the media has already reported the planned torture of pigeons in various ways. But nothing has changed since there is a corrupt system in the background, part of which is the township, which do nothing for the benefit of wildlife.
When I come to pigeons most days for the purpose of feeding them, I am in their company, talking to them ... Because animals are not selfish, they do not know the evil, the underestimation and the planned selfish torture of the weaker ones - unlike humans.

How many pigeons, wild animals lose their dignity, most of all - Life & freedom from the crimes of humans, Many of them!!! How many pigeons pay for their lives due to sticky traps, daggers, tied legs or wings, as a result of the actions of disgusting people, HUGE number!!!

For this reason, I have petitioned for the benefit of the life of pigeons in cities, both in Slovenia and elsewhere in Europe !!! In order to get justice for all the pigeons who lost their legs due to torture, the possibility of flying due to sticky traps, various injuries due to spines on canopies ...

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