Put A Stop To Maternal & Infant Mortality In Underserved Communities!

EVERY DAY IS MOTHER'S DAY! There is a time, when we have to identify with problems head on and we started this petition because we said, "enough is enough." WE CARE: That African American women are 3 to 4 times more likely to have adverse outcomes than White Women. We care that African American babies are 2 to 3 times more likely to die than babies born of White Women. We care that Women RIGHT HERE IN THE UNITED STATED OF AMERICA are dying during childbirth PERIOD! #Black #NonWhiteHispanic #NativeAmerican #White #Asian #IslandPacific . Maternal mortality is unacceptably high. About 800 women die from pregnancy- or childbirth-related complications around the world every day. In 2013, 289,000 women died during and following pregnancy and childbirth. Almost all of these deaths occurred in low-resource settings, and most could have been prevented. THIS IS WHY WE CARE! We know there are times when you have to find the time to identify, with the reason behind the problem, and what you want to do to bring forth a viable solution. In order for your solution to create the spark you are looking for, it has to be felt deep down within your heart. It has to be a part of a greator vision. This vision has to be much bigger than you. You have to be in LOVE, with the power to create positive changes. These changes that can be paradigm shifting for humanity as a whole. Maternal and infant death is not the endall of all for the United States. Yet it is a giant part of the social problems that we, founders of The InTune Mother Project (TIM) want to address and dissolve this issue, within underserved populations. The goal of our project is to help various communities expand their social awareness across the country about proper prenatal care and primary health care for all. It is imparetive for families take back their power to give birth to their babies, in a way that helps them experience more positive maternal and infant outcomes, during and after childbirth. This is about community empowerment -- whether this is in a hospital, birth-center, or within the privacy of their own home. We recognize childbirth as a human experience "NOT" a medical event 96% of the time. For this is what we are passionate about. The fact that we all arrived here through this same rudimentary process... Gives the TIM Team the needed motivation to honor that FACT. We have ALL been Born, and there are many generations of children awaiting their turn to also be welcomed Earthside. By signing this petition to support this project you are committing to the future generations of America and abroad. So we ask that you begin by sharing that you care... This is your time! Begin helping the future, by "Rebirthing Mother Nature's Undisturbed Intent" TODAY!

We Can Make A Difference By Going Beyond And Making Everyday Mother's Day!

Every 90 seconds, a woman dies from complications of pregnancy or childbirth. I respectfully urge you to prioritize passage of legislation to bring more awareness to the issues of maternal mortality, around the world and here in the United States.


Each year, hundreds of thousands of women – the vast majority of them in developing countries – die unnecessary and preventable deaths from pregnancy-related complications due to a lack of access to timely, quality health care. Here in the United States, women face a greater risk of dying of complications of pregnancy and childbirth than in 60 other countries, and African-American women are four times as likely to die as white women.


The death of women in pregnancy and childbirth is not just a public health emergency, it is a human rights crisis. The United States can and should play a leadership role in responding.


Please make a difference in the lives of millions of pregnant women by prioritizing passage of legislation to combat maternal mortality both at home and abroad. Give women more childbirth options.


Update #38 years ago
When we get active as a community... This activates the city... When we get active in the cities... This activates the county... When we get active in the counties... This activates the states... Let's Get Active for Maternal Health and Wellness... Our babies need their mothers...
Update #28 years ago
As of today, we have reached 25 signatures in efforts to bring more social and political awareness to the issues around maternal and infant mortality. In order to demand the attention needed to the put a stop to the marginalization of underserved communities we are aiming high. Thank you for your support!
Update #18 years ago
Thank you to everyone who has signed this petition thus far. We ask that you continue to support our efforts by sharing the link to our page with everyone you know. Our mission is to bring a viable solution to combat the issues surrounding maternal health and wellness in underserved communities. The future generations are depending on our commitment to support the power of change by showing how much we care.
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