Include Non-Party 2016 Presidential Candidate Ed Baker in Media Coverage of Election

  • by: Edward Baker
  • target: All Newspapers, Television and Radio News Programs

Ed Baker filed with the Federal Elections Commission and is a candidate in the 2016 Presidential Election. Ed isn't a member of any political party and is very serious about being an option to consider supporting that can win this election.

Ed wants to make as many people as possible aware that he is an option. Ed is competing against career politicians and millionaires. Ed will be competing on a fraction of the budget that the other candidates who will appear on election ballots will spend this election. The American people are sick of Career Politicians and Money in Politics. Ed Baker is a serious option to be considered and Americans need to be aware of his candidacy.

Ed can unite Americans better than anyone else that will appear on your ballot. He doesn't use words like "Liberal" "Conservative" "Moderate" "Left Wing" "Right Wing". He doesn't know what those terms mean when it comes to people and politics. Ed looks at each issue individually and tries to learn all he can about the subject before giving his thoughts on it. He is always open to hearing other points of view and as he learns more facts he always reviews his position on the issue. He never will compromise his values in that process.

Ed is big on the Constitution, Rights and Freedom. He doesn't believe the official story of the events of September 11, 2001 and is committed to having a real investigation to reveal the truth. He believes this is necessary to restore lost freedom and to move forward as a nation. Ed is committed to less Government Secrecy. He wants to have Full Disclosure of anything that would otherwise be Classified so long as it doesn't put our National Defense or Military in Direct Danger by doing so. Ed's top priority is having ongoing representation during his Presidency for Active Military, Veterans and their Families. He is committed to getting each of these groups what they need. Ed wants to help neighborhoods strengthen and regain control of their communities. To stand up against Stupidity - when a child has a Lemonade Stand shut down for not having a Permit or when a 92 year old Pastor is arrested for feeding the Homeless in a park as he has done for years or when an Elementary School girl is Suspended for shaving her head in support of a friend with cancer. Ed wants to help these neighborhoods regain control from Street Gangs and Drug Cartels. No child should have to make the choice to join a gang or not. We need to help these communities to have better opportunities going forward so that a life of crime isn't their best or most realistic option. Ed takes a stronger stance against Illegal Aliens/Foreign Invaders than anyone else that will appear on your ballot. Ed is committed to working all 1461 days of his term if elected. He will not actively campaign for a 2nd term but will allow his performance during the first term be what you make your decision on.

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