URGENT: Please help stop the killing spree of prairie dogs and stop poisoning the lands

  • by: P Holmes
  • recipient: Wendell and Shirley Osorno

Wendell Osorno wants to annihilate 2 healthy prairie dogs colony (last of the highly intelligent prairie dogs in the area) on 2 vacant lots whose owners live out of state. These lots are situated by the entrance to the Cherry Creek Rancho community in Aurora Colorado. He and the homeowner association have persuaded the land owners Mr. Bowey and Mr. Ko to allow him to kill the prairie dogs at a discount. They will be poisoned Oct 10th unless we convince him to give the animals more time for relocation!

Cherry Creek Rancho residents have been warned to take precautionary steps to monitor pets for one month after the application of the poison grains. It appears that the residents have not been told the whole truth. Poison remains in the ground forever and other wildlife who depend on these prairie dogs for their survival will die too. The residents have expressed their concerns about the poisoning, and would like to see the prairie dogs relocated. They didn't think that the prairie dogs are causing any problems and were happily co-existing with the prairie dogs, until Wendell stirred the pot!

The real problem is Wendell who has taken upon himself to be in charge of Mr. Bowey's vacant lot. He said the prairie dogs are making it difficult for him to mow. Apparently he also misled Mr. Ko, saying the prairie dogs on his land have expanded dramatically. So he wants all the prairie dogs dead!

WildLands Defense requested for more time to find viable lands for relocation and to obtain a permit to relocate. Wendell refused and wanted the prairie dogs relocated by October 10th.

It is impossible to simply relocate these prairie dogs within a week with the laws in Colorado. Giving WildLands Defense more time to work out a solution far outweighs the damage that Wendell will do to the environment with his poison!

Please sign this petition to urge Wendell Osorno to put this killing spree on hold in order for permit application and relocation sites to be found.

Thank you!

Dear Sir/Madam,

It is impossible to relocate these prairie dogs within a week. Please put the killing on hold and allow WildLands Defense more time to apply for permit and identify viable relocation sites. Thank you!

Update #44 years ago
Mr Orsorno carried out a heinous act yesterday, using Rozol mixed with wheat to kill the prairie dogs on Mr Bowie's land. This poison will cause a long drawn out death. Geese are also seen eating the poisoned wheat (heartbreaking). WildLands Defense are exploring legal options about the poisoning of non target species and bordering a state park. Thx for your support.
Update #34 years ago
The poisoning of prairie dogs are on indefinite hold until the two sides of the situation can come to some kind of compromise. We'll update you as soon as anything is settled, but right now there is NOTHING scheduled as far as poisoning of the prairie dogs. Thanks so much for your support, as always! Please continue to sign and share this petition.
Update #24 years ago
The prairie dogs have been spared for now - but the decision to poison the colonies hasn't been overturned, it's just been delayed until Nov. Please share the petition with friends and family to help convince the lands manager to save these prairie dogs! Click here to share on Facebook.
Update #14 years ago
The Aurora prairie dogs colonies are still with us! Extermination has indeed been postponed till November. We are hoping that your voice will convince Wendell and Cherry Creek Rancho residents not to exterminate these last 2 colonies. Please continue to share and urge your families and friends to sign this petition.THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Another colony that desperately need your help: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/926/546/771/murphy-creek-community-you-took-our-homes-and-now-you-want-to-kill-us/
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