• by: Razya Lowne, Pit bull
  • target: Turkiye Cumhuriyeti Sayin Basbakan, Sayin Bakanlar ve Sayin Milletvekilleri,Turkish government ,president and governors

The government in turkey plans to put down a new law system that is portrayed to "protect animals" .While in fact they want to euthanize every stray animal ,and ban forbidden breeds ,such as pitbulls,dogo argentino's and all mastiff kinds. If the owner does not return his or her pet withing 3 months a fee of 750 dollar will be forced upon to pay and a prison sentence from 3 to 5 year.
Please help us save the animals ,and stand against this cruell law system  

1 - Putting down animals and portraying it down as "sleeping" and the legitimization of the definition can not be accepted into law. Instead , animals will be killed what is defined as a law is unacceptable.

2 - Two-year jail sentence to be returned in limiting penalties. To fines of penalties that can be heavy on the front of the main aim will be to prevent the crime. A $ 750 administrative penalty for torturing animals only to continue to pay , the state will commit a crime. There is no deterrent.

3 - The natural homes of many animals and animal owners permission will be not countable, there will be an open-ended definition. In the future, "the rights of animal conservationist" and perhaps may arrive as a violation of "the owner of an animal, but" to limit this definition to go up, as such, can not be included in the law.

4 - The animals are classified according to their race should never be taken away the rights of life ,wich is unacceptable.What is determined as a " illegal breed" will be killed instead of taking measures to punish the owners or better. Is unacceptable and will cause the Illegal breeding and importation .

5 - Law No. 5996 that allows the destruction of animals, Veterinary Services, Plant Health, Food and Feed with the 24.04.1930 dated and 1593 numbered Sanitation Law, the Law also take place in the new constitution is unacceptable.

6 - Connecting the experiments could not be regarded as arbitrary controls, such as animal protection law to deny a right to life of animals in experiments taking place in the law is unacceptable.

7 - Mobile sterilization justification is unacceptable under any circumstances. Owners should have their own veterinarian. That existing regulations are already against the law and to rescind Article mobile neutering Istanbul Chamber of Veterinarians (IVHO) is present. A lawsuit approving mobile sterilization effort is unacceptable.

8 - the goal is not to observe the rights and protect animals.This proves to be get rid off pets and stray animals by euthanizing and using animals as scientific purposes are unacceptable.
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