Tell Cameron Not to Relax Fox Hunting Ban

  • by: Judith B.
  • recipient: David Cameron, Prime Minister, UK

Ever since the Conservatives (sort of) regained power in the UK, a small but extremely vocal lobby have been pushing hard for the fox hunting ban to be repealed, and Cameron seems to be sympathetic.

The claim of foxes being a pest has always been dubious. Yes, they can take unsecured chickens, but their diet primarily consists of rabbits and rodents – genuine pests. They certainly are not a major, or even a minor, threat to sheep.

Regardless of whether foxes need to be controlled or not, there’s no doubt that sending great packs of dogs and horses after a terrier-sized animal is hardly an effective, humane or non-destructive way to reduce numbers.

Britain does not need this bloodthirsty hobby resurrected. With even members of the Tory party now coming out against the hunt, it’s time for Cameron to take a firm stance.

Demand the Conservatives not abuse their precarious position as a minority government to push through wildly unpopular changes to existing legislation.

We the undersigned ask that you not bow to pressure from a small but vocal minority to relax the current legislation on hunting with dogs.

If anything, the legislation needs tightening. It certainly should not be loosened to allow this out-dated, inhumane and ineffective practice to return to the British countryside. Regardless of whether foxes are genuinely causing a problem in an area or not, fox hunting was never an effective way to reduce numbers, and it was never meant to be.  The bottom line is that people hunt foxes because they think it’s fun, and that is it.

The destruction to property and the animal welfare issue involved are good reason in themselves to keep the ban. There is no good reason to repeal or loosen it. Indigence from a tiny group of people at losing their favourite hobby does not qualify as a “good reason”.

Please take a firm stance towards the fox hunt lobby and not abuse your position as leader of a minority government to allow unpopular changes to legislation pushed through against the wishes of the British people.

Thank you for your attention.

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