Farm Animals Suffer

Do you care about what you eat?  If not, this may change things.

Giant livestock farms are known as Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO). They house thousands of cows, poultry or pigs and one cow produces waste equivalent to 20-40 people in one day. In all this waste produces a staggering amount of animal manure which seeps into our water supplies and our environment.

The waste and urine is funneled into massive waste lagoons which often times break, leak or overflow sending dangerous microbes, nitrate pollution and drug resistant bacteria into water supplies.  These lagoons also emit toxic gases such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and methane.

On top of this, the widespread use of antibiotics also poses dangers.  Large scaled animal factories often give animals antibiotics to promote growth or to compensate for illness resulting from crowded conditions.  These antibiotics are entering the environment and food chain and making it harder to treat human diseases.

Along with the production of meat, our arteries are clogged with fat and cholesterol due to consumption.

CAFO's have escaped pollution regulations and more protections are needed to adequately protect public health and the environment.

We are crippling our earth, our environment and our bodies through meat production and consumption and the suffering these animals endure in the process is the vilest crime of all.

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