Stop Poaching China's Giant Pandas

Poaching giant pandas carries a very severe penalty in China, however, due to the high financial rewards on offer for a panda skin for example, there are hunters that are willing to take the risk.Poaching is the second main reason why giant pandas are nearing extinction.Man has contributed to the erosion of the panda’s natural habitat through the increase in agriculture and man’s appetite for fuel, food and wood which can be obtained from the natural habitat of the panda in China. Why are Giant Pandas going extinct?

There are many reasons for the dramatic decrease in the wild population of pandas. These reasons are complex and include factors such as poaching, habitat destruction and degradation, the panda's low reproductive rate and bamboo flowering, followed by death of the plant. People in the past have poached pandas for exhibitions in zoos or their pelt are illegally sold, fetching high prices for display in museums and private collections. Giant pandas also fall victims of traps that are laid down for other animals. If they manage to struggle free of these traps, they may sustain injuries that are life threatening.

The oxford dictionary defines the word poaching as illegally hunting or catching on land that is not one’s own or in contravention of official protection. Today, poaching has become a global issue. Illegal killing of animals has increased to great extent these days. This is called as animal poaching. Animals fur or ivory are very valuable and so this rise to poaching. Leatherback Turtle, Tiger, Polar bear, Pacific Walrus, Magellanic Penguin, Blue fin Tuna, Mountain Gorilla, Monarch Butterfly, Giant Panda, Javan Rhinoceros are the 10 most threatened and endangered species. Rhino horn is considered to be an important ingredient for making medicines but this is a wrong assumption. Rhino horn and chewing on your fingernails has the same medicinal effect. In South Africa near about 668 rhinos were poached in the year 2012.  Animals were being poached at a rate of 2 per day in the first half of 2013.

To the honorable President Xi Jinping

We the undersigned ask you to create new laws against Giant Panda Poaching, by making the sale of its fur & the placing of Traps Illegal

Only 1000 giant pandas remain in China, and they are on the World Wildlife Fund’s list of vulnerable species, meaning they are at a high risk of facing extinction. About half of the giant panda population lives in the Eastern Himalayas, which are being systematically destroyed by deforestation. These creatures are not dying from natural causes. They are being hunted to extinct. Legislation to increase the seriousness of poaching crimes can go a long way to saving these animals. We urge you to act immediately to save the remaining giant pandas from a fate they do not deserve. Thank you for your immediate attention to this critical matter

People's Republic of China

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