Limit Breeder's To Only One Litter Of Puppies Per Year

  • by: Brit Valdes-pages
  • target: United States Congress Members Mark Udall and Micheal Bennett

In this petition we are asking lawmakers to enact a law that allows licensed puppy breeder's to only produce one litter of puppies per year, thus decreasing the amount of future homeless puppies.  It would also address our pet over population crisis that we are having.  By limiting the number of litter's produced, this would also give animals that are in shelters a better chance at adoption.  Why are we birthing more puppies when we can't even find home's for the one's we already have?

Also, the amount of money we spend each year on perfectly healthy puppies that just couldn't find homes for reached up into millions of dollars.  By restricting the number of births, we will thereby be reducing the amount of money we spend on euthanizing perfectly healthy animals that just don't have homes.

We the undersigned ask you to enact a law that restricts licensed breeder's to only producing one litter of puppies each year.  Doing this would help address our nation's pet overpopulation crisis.  Also, you would be saving money by not having to euthanize perfectly healthy puppies because there is no room.  With less puppies being born, more room in shelter's and home's will be available to the dog's that already need home's.  There are so many perfectly adoptable animals already so there is no need to have breeder's produce more animals that will potentially add to our pet overpopulation crisis.

We know that you are very busy so your time in this matter is greatly appreciated and we look forward to seeing you take action.


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