Alabama forcing women to give birth is barbaric! Protect life by protecting the living children go hungry in your state, they don’t have health care or day care ! Fight this Alabama decision by boycotting Alabama do not spend one cent in this state !!!

Alabama I say to you you will not see any revenue coming from my pocket! I will not buy a stick of gum in your state. Why don't you force sexually active men to get reversible vasectomies and then when they're ready to be fathers they could have it reversed? You need to get church out of state. The decision to end a pregnancy is between a woman, her doctor, her religious advisor and her GOD,not a bunch of male legislators! The separation of church and state in Louisiana is dead, respect for women is dead! Do you understand That a Woman can still die in childbirth?  Yet this state feels that they should force a woman to go through with a pregnancy and force that woman to give birth! You want to protect life get free healthcare for all women and children in your state especially pregnant women, get free daycare for all children and END childhood hunger in your state! I URGE ALL NOT TO SPEND ONCE CENT in this state to protest this barbaric decision!

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