Balinese Government: Start Putting Public Bins In Bali

  • by: Joe Agostino
  • target: Balinese Government, Made Mangku Pastika

The hot beach. The tall coconut trees. The relaxing massages. An island of paradise. Destroyed by waste. All gone. This waste problem is a time bomb, which is about to explode. The waste in Bali is rapidly increasing as more and more tourists arrive on this island of paradise. If you walk in the streets of Bali you can see plastic bag lying on the streets, thousands of used cigarettes, Aqua bottles everywhere, the list goes on. We are destroying this beautiful island.


The waste in Bali since the last 20 years has dramatically increased. Approximately 10,000 cubic metres of wastes are produced in Bali and only a small proportion is disposed. The rest is left on the ground. Not only has it increased but also a variety of different types of waste are being thrown in Bali. The waste 20 years ago were banana leaves, wood, herbs, offerings materials, coconut skin, etc. These types of waste can deteriorate and biodegrade. Now days there have been many different types of waste, which includes plastic bags, plastic bottles, metal cans, and glass shards. If we had public bins these wouldn’t be a major problem. The streets in Bali would be nice and clean. You could easily walk on the streets without stepping on wastes. It would make a tremendous difference in the cleanness of Bali.


Made Mangku Pastika, who is the Balinese government, can pay for trucks and the wastes can be put in the trucks. The trucks can then dispose the wastes elsewhere rather than burning it on the beach. This will also help Balinese people to get work, which will help the economy in Bali. If this plan is successful than people who do throw a plastic bag on the street will feel embarrassed since they’re the only one who is littering. Another thing that the Made Mangku Pastika could do is put signs that say ‘Do not litter’ or ‘Keep Bali clean and green’. All these will eventually help the pollution problem in Bali. This situation will also cause a domino effect. For example it will help more tourists come to Bali, which means more money will come to Bali and help the economy in Bali. This economy problem will help the poverty in Bali and one thing will lead to another.



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