Make Rodeos Permanantly Illegal in New Zealand

  • by: Sam Bondarenko, Manager of Cavalla Horse Haven
  • target: New Zealand Government; City, Town and District Councils; John Key (NZ Prime Minister), Commonwealth Government, Forsyth Barr Stadium in Dunedin, Claudelands Arena in Hamilton

Rodeo's may not be a lawful crime, but they are a shameful moral crime, and it's long past due to make this moral crime a lawful one - please sign this petition to make rodeos illegal in NZ, permanently.

Rodeos are spectacle of sadistic cruelty against animals, and NZ is rapidly stepping up their cruelty level by hosting International Rodeo events, and it all must stop now - once and for all. 
Horses, cattle beast and other animals are mercilessly terrorized, tortured, more often than not left to suffer, and ultimately often killed.
In the quoted words of former rodeo rider, vet & farmer, Peggy Larson,
"Based upon my extensive experience with large animals, I have come to the conclusion that rodeo events are inherently inhumane. It is impossible to create a humane rodeo."

NZ recently hosted two International Rodeo's - one on Hamilton and the second in Dunedin, where they included pyrotechnic displays and loud music, both of which animals of flight (namely horses, and cattle) fear.

Please visit this link, below, of a 2012 rodeo in California, USA - just one of the nations who's rodeo competitors came to NZ to the International Rodeo's to terrorize our horses & cattle because NZ wasn't already cruel enough:

Some footage of the 2012 Hamilton International Rodeo in NZ can be found here:

Successful world renowned animal welfare organizations such as SAFE, SHARK, HSI, PETA and Animals Australia, would not condone rodeos unless they were a heightened threat to animal welfare. Their advice to oppose rodeos should not be ignored.

Please help our animals by signing this petition and spreading the word to everyone.

Dear Sir, Madam or whomever it may concern,

I write you in regards to putting forth a law that makes rodeo's illegal in New Zealand.

Rodeo is a spectacle of sadistic cruelty forced upon animal victims who are helpless to defend themselves, furthermore if they dare try they are punished yet further.
It is to say literally: terrorism.

We can not truthfully call New Zealand a clean green nation who devotes love & care to its nature, so long as rodeos exist, as they blatantly contradict humanity. We must therefore make this moral crime a lawful crime.

Speaking for myself as a dignified human being who cares about the welfare of others, great or small, and in this case the animals victim to rodeo's, I call upon you to ban rodeos in New Zealand once and for all.
As you have the power to do so, please put forth a law that bans rodeos outright - permanantly making its events illegal and lawfully punishable.

Rodeo is terrorism. Terrorism contradicts humanity.

Thank you earnestly for your time and consideration.

I look forward to your prompt response.

Sincerely yours.

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