Whole Food does not care about animals or its' customers!

I frequently shop at Whole Foods in Cincinnati, Ohio USA.  I was leaving the store on 5/21/12 and on my way to my car I noticed a yellow Labrador retriever inside a hot car.  I wrote down the license plate and went back into Whole Foods to ask that they page the owner.  I was told they do not page people for animals in cars.  I then asked to speak to the manager and they said he would be up front shortly.  I was worried about the poor dog so I bought some cold bottled spring water and took it out with a cup and gav the little pup a drink.  The windows were down enough on one side for me to get my arm in to give him a drink.  He was starting to pant heavily now and I was getting converned.  I called 911 since no one at Whole Foods seemed to care about the poor dog.  i told the police I would wait with the dog to make sure he was ok.  It was about 15 minutes later that the owner of the dog (older female) came out with the store manager "Ben" and another guy.  it told her I had called the police because it was too hot to leave an animal in the car.  She was very flippant and acted like I was an idiot for calling the police and caring about her pet.  She told me she has had dogs all her life.  I told her I would take the dog if she did not want him.  the manager Ben told me that he had paged her (even though they told me they weren't going to) and that I needed to leave before he told the police that I was the problem.  His words to mer were "if you do not get into your car this will have a very different outcome for you".  I have many problems with this.

I was told my Whole Foods employees they do not page for animals in hot cars.

The manager who came out with the customer who left her dog in a hot car took her side completely.

The manager never sent anyone out to let me know he had decidced to page the person (which left me to think I should call the police).

I was rudely told to leave the parking lot in front of Whole Foods.

I called corporate and they basically told me that Ben can do whatever he wants.

this type of person does not need to be runnin a store that is suppose to be ethical in their choices.  Whole Foods needs to step up and protect animals because many of their patrons are vegetarian/vegan.

Please join me in boycotting Whole FOods until their policy is changed and the manager "Ben" of the Cincinnati, Ohio USA store is dismissed.

Also, when Ben came out with the customer they were very slow in getting out to the poor dog in the hot car.  Unfortunately neither Ben nor the pets' owner cared about the condition of the dog in the car. 

This is petition number two... as the first one was removed.

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