Demand a Humane Leader for Chatham County Animal Control

This facility has been the subject of multiple Department of Agriculture violations, from record keeping to filthy conditions.  Anyone who has been there has seen how the leader of shelter, Jodi Lewis, has no clue how to run a shleter.  She has euthanized owned animals and LIED to the owners about it.  She has allowed her staff to get away with not euthanizing animals and bagging them, throwing them inthe freezer and having them fight for their lives only to be found alive in the freezer by other employees and then, as a joke allow the animal to be adopted out.

Jodi Lewis has stood at the desk in front of the public and LAUGHED and JOKED about killing the animals at the shelter.  She allows her staff to provide substandard care the animals.  These poor animals have standing water in their cages, get no excerise, no follow up care and are ignored by staff.  She has no idea who the animals are, nor does she care.

These animals have already been cast away once and mistreated.  They should not have to go to a facility only to continue to be mistreated.

Please sign this petition demanding the County Commissioners and the Savannah Metroploitian Police Department (yes this facility is goverened by the POLICE, who allow this cruelty to go on) terminate this animal abuser from employment and a qualified, knowledgable, compassionate person be put in charge to properly care for these animals.

Dear Commissioners and Police Personel,

     It has come to the attention of the public that the person you all have allowed to run the Chatham County Animal Control Shelter has done a complete and total injustice to the entrusted position.  Animals are mistreated, ignored and sometimes even abused at the hands of Jodi Lewis and her staff.  The fact that the elected officals and upper administration of the police department have made light of and in some cases ignored these issues has caused the public to DEMAND action.  We, the citizens of Chatham County and the tourists throughout the world that promote and supplement your economy, hereby request the immediate termination of Shelter Supervisor Jodi Lewis.  No more will we stand by while the killing of animals is made a joke and the public disrespected and huminalted at the cost of this person.  You all have a duty to stop the cruelty that has gone on at the hands of Jodi Lewis and make the animals of Chatham County safe from those hired to help them. 

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