Demand That Edible Canada Take Seal Meat Off The Menu

Every year, Canada has a quota for 468,000 harp seal pups to be slaughtered. They will be shot repeatedly, kicked, clubbed, and even skinned alive. Recently, a video surfaced of fishermen tormenting a frightened baby seal. Now, a restaurant called Edible Canada is serving baby seal meat on its menu. They claim it is part of Canadian culture, but it is just senseless cruelty. Demand that they stop serving seal meat on their menu. They have recruited over 1,500 seal clubbers to give them a 5-star review on Facebook, so go to their Facebook page and leave a 1-star review as well as signing this petition.

Edible Canada Facebook Page:

Fishermen Torment Seal:

Dear Edible Canada,

We, the people of the world, including citizens of Canada, are disgusted that you have chosen to serve seal meat on your menu. It is by no means a part of Canadian culture to send ships to ice floes in Eastern Canada and club seals as their mothers watch in horror. We, the people, will not eat at your restaurant until seal meat is removed from the menu and we will continue to post 1-star reviews on your Facebook page. The Canadian seal hunt belongs in the trash bins of history, like slavery. We will not give up until the slaughter of seals in Canada is ended.


Everybody But You

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