Stop the slaughter of Calderon Dolphins in the Faroe Islands!!

Every year in the Faroe Islands, which belong to Denmark, innocent and helpless Calderon Dolphins are slaughtered brutally by the Faroese. These Islands although belonging to Denmark (620 miles away) are actually half way between Scotland (190 miles away)and Iceland (495 miles away). Why you may ask, the answer is simply because. A pointless and stupid right of passage to manhood. Needles to say, that killing a defensless animal is no prove of anybody's manhood.

What point is there in killing another living being just to prove you have "evolved", you have transcended. There is simply no need.

These poor dolphins are stabbed a number of times, but as if that weren't enough, they bleed to death, probably in excruciating pain while the whole town watches.

So, I urge you, as I am sure many more have, to help stop this nonesense and take action. Never, ever, has killing another creature or another living being, with whom we share this world, done any good, to anyone.

So let's stop it.
We, the undersigned, call on the Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands to recognise the growing international objection to the unnecessary cruelty involved in the killing of whales and dolphins, and to ban the traditional slaughter of these intelligent marine mammals in the Faroe Islands.

We realise that Faroe is not able to sustain land based meat sources, but we would like to remind you that you and your country people are endangering yourselves by eating whale meat. You have been made aware that the whales carry high levels of mercury and persistent organic compounds in their meat and blubber. Long term independent studies of children in the Faroe Islands have directly linked neurological delays, cardiovascular problems and other development problems to their mothers' pre-natal consumption of whale meat. In addition, recent studies have shown a direct link between the occurrence of Parkinson's disease in Faroese adults and eating pilot whale meat.

We would like you to consider whale tourism as an alternative, it will bring you the extra revenue needed to import other meat food sources. Your Islands are actually beautiful places to visit and the hospitality of your people has been recognised as second to none.

If not for this international and multicultural group, but for your own and the safety of your unborn children we ask you with urgency to stop the killing of whales and dolphins and to ban the traditional slaughter of complete family units of these intelligent marine mammals in the Faroe Islands.
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