Some veterinarians are mutilating family pets. They must lose their licenses, now!

Slicing up and chopping off parts of your still-living pet animal is completely legal in most of the United States. It seems unbelievable, but it's true. These excruciatingly painful and medically unnecessary procedures include operations known as "tail docking," "ear cropping," and "declawing." But those names are benign enough to hide the true nature of their horrors.

Sign the petition to demand that every U.S. state classifies these heinous surgeries as animal abuse and strips all veterinarians who are involved of their licenses!

Tail docking is actually the surgical process of chopping off a dog's tail. This is usually done without administering any anesthesia to the poor pup, leaving them to feel the searing pain of the blade coming down on their haunches, as well as all the agony that follows the moment of severing.

Ear cropping refers to the practice of cutting a dog's ears down the middle, into separate pieces. They're then re-assembled and taped back together to form a supposedly appealing visual: perky tall triangular ears that stand upright. Ear flaps have to be affixed to a hard surface for a period of weeks in order to force them to essentially "cure" in the desired arrangement.

Finally, declawing isn't a simple exercise in trimming a cat's nails. It's a non-health-related, completely cosmetic medical procedure that involves stopping a cat's nails from ever growing back. And there's only one way to do that: sawing off the first knuckle of each toe. This causes severe trauma and anguish, often for the rest of the animal's life.

You might think that veterinarians — who have sworn to treat and care for vulnerable animals — would obviously be opposed to these horrific operations. But unfortunately, that's not the case. Every year, licensed vets actually perform these surgeries on helpless dogs and cats who trust their humans and are forced to endure horrendous pain.

As medical professionals who are supposed to promote animal health and well-being, it's clear that no one who mutilates pets in this way should be allowed to remain a veterinarian.

Demand that any and all veterinarians who perform these slice-and-dice procedures lose their licenses now, before they harm more innocent beings, and tell U.S. state authorities to charge all such vets with animal abuse!
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