Vietnam: Don't Punish Another Peaceful Critic!

Although the Constitution of Vietnam includes the right to freedom of expression, it criminalizes any expression that criticizes the government. Over 60 people were put in jail as peaceful critics just last year. 

The most recent individual to be prosecuted is Pham Viet Dao, who was sentenced to 15 months in prison for an online blog post he wrote that criticized the government. The judge said that his writings were dangerous because they diminish the people's trust in their government and cause anxiety to the population. 

Although Vietnam said they support upholding human rights, it doesn't seem that way. Freedoms seem to be looked at as threats instead of rights. Pham Viet Dao should be released immediately along with the rest of the peaceful critics that are being punished simply for speaking their minds.

Please tell the Vietnam Government to do just that and uphold the freedom of speech.  

Dear Vietnam Government,

Recently Pham Viet Dao was imprisoned for a blog post he wrote criticizing the government. He was sentenced to 15 months in prison for it. Last year, 63 individuals like him (peaceful critics) suffered similar sentences. The judge told him that his writings would decrease trust that the people have for their government. 

The Constitution of Vietnam has the freedom of expression. Shouldn't this include the right to express dissent of one's government in a peaceful way? 

Please release Pham Viet Dao and any other individuals that are in jail for similar reasons. Uphold human rights by supporting freedoms.

Thank you for your time. 

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