Return the Black Hills to the Lakota Nation

  • by: Robert Flor
  • recipient: All legal residents of the United States and Canada

The United States set a course of distruction and  murder upon all Native 0pAmericans and signing peace treaties that would only benifitt the United States and forcing the removal of all Native People to Resverations that are classicfied as War Camps even today. We hear of the battles that wrre fought between the Army and the Native Americans and killings of women and old people along with babies and children , were is the honor of these killings and the bounties that the US Government put on the scalps of Native Americans, no matter how old that person was. It was an open season on killing Native Americans and that season went on for 500 years non stop, And when we could not kill enough of them we turned our guns onto the Buffalo their main source of survial and slaughtered them down to under 1000 left in the wild. All of this cause of the Greed of the White Man for land, gold and other riches that were found on a land that had people all ready living there, who are we to say the way wr live is the right way for them to live or that they should believe in the same beliefs we do.Now the Sioux signed a treaty with the United States in 1868 and within this treaty the Black Hills were in fact agreed to belong to the Sioux  for as Long as the Rivers Flow and Greassy Grass Grows, these 2 things still in fact go on today,  but Gold was found in them there Hills and greed took over and people started going into the Black Hills and Custard and the 7th Army was sent in, we know the out come of this. The treaty was broken by the White Man and even in 1980 Congress even said that the treaty was in fact broken  by the White Man, so why was the treaty not reinstated right there on the spot, to many lives would be disrupted, in other words to mamy Whites would have to move, to Damn Bad them there Hills dont belong to one single White person living there, our own Government even said so in 1980, now the Goverment offered the Sioux money for them there Hills, yes the money would be good, it would inprove the lives of many if not all the Sioux, but this is not about money, this is about their ancestors that are buryed up in them Hills, its about family blood that have been spilled fighting for their way of live, its about respect, dignity and honor and its about the US Government doing the right thing and reenstating the Treay of 1868 and allowing the Black Hills be returned to the rightful owners, the Lakota Natio 

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