• by: Rod Souza
  • recipient: The people of the world

This is a paramount issue of life or death for all life on this planet

This petition is more of a consensus poll targeted toward those who are already aware of the truth and reality concerning the paramount issue of chem-trails.
Those of you who still may not have a clue about this insidious campaign that started back in 1998 world wide should go to any search engine and type in chem-trails and start learning the truth and then come back and sign this petition.
Those of you who know, there is no need to explain this Twilight Zone attack upon all life and resources on this planet which are ACTS of WAR upon humanity.

How many of you would like to see a major law suit and criminal charges filed against the largest contractor world wide spreading this death around the world, EverGreen Aviation, McMinnville Oregon and Pinal Air Park, Marana, Arizona and all those responsible and behind this agenda 21 destruction of life on this planet?
Since we do not have a military that is there to protect Americans any longer or follow their oaths of office, or the so called Oath Keepers stepping up to the plate, it will only happen when we the people make it happen.

This petition as I see it will be a thermometer of the awareness of the people and weather this issue will be worth the effort to save the planet and our lives or we can all just go back to shopping and just pretend not to see which has been the status quo for generations. It’s just all business as usual.

Next time you go outside and see the skies littered with these chem-trail that linger for hours spreading it’s death upon everything it lands upon, you, your children and family. Friends and loved ones. Animal and plant life. It is all being destroyed every day. Do we not all breath the same air?

If you have any doubts about this insidious world genocidal master plan, hear it from a front line expert,

Update #34 years ago
Greetings Everyone: I have made contact with a government official here in Oregon who has pledged to work with me on this issue as long as I can present enough evidence which I have plenty of, however if any of you have proof or evidence or stories you would like to share please get back with me at, Thank you
Update #24 years ago
Greetings Everyone: I just got word that if this petition gets 500 votes it will be put on the petition list to go viral. This is exactly what we need to do. One voter thought it would be great to get a million votes. I say that would be a great start, but just imagine the majority over 300 million votes in this country. Do we not all breath the same air?
Update #14 years ago
Just wanted to thank everyone so far for your knowledge, awareness and support. Presently at 65 signatures and growing. Please continue your support by sharing this petition with as many as possible. One supporter suggested a million. That would be a good start when you think of how many world wide breath the same air. We can make this happen and go after those responsible and a part of.
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