Appeal to Kitasato University to stop cruel tests on cats

  • by: Dany Strakova
  • target: Kitasato University/ Mr. Tadayoshi Shiba

Appeal to stop cruel animal experiments in Japanese Universitiy

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OIPA has recently learnt from the Japanese Association JAVA that Kitasato University is performing particular cruel tests on cats during physiology seminars.
These tests imply the cats’skull opening with consequent fixing of electrodes into their brain in order to study the interrelation of the hypothalamus with sensory nerves. Electric pulses given to the poor animal under anaesthesia allow students to stimulate its legs and body and study relevant effects thereon. Cats chosen for this purpose, are mainly weak and under-nourished stray subjects, as well as rats, but seen the scarcity of animals, home cats are likely to be used as well. Cats undergoing anaesthesia generally die in 12-20 days.
It’s time we make Kitasato University hear our voice and it’s time we ask their replacing such cruel practices implying terrible suffering and sacrifice of lives, with modern methods, which are surely more convenient, from the economical and the ethical point of view.
We remind you that human physiology is totally different from the animal’s one; therefore, not only do these tests represent an extreme form of violence, and as such, they are unworthy of a civilised society, but they also have a doubtful, if not non-existent scientific value.
The continuation of these tests, implies a systematic infringement of ethical principles and of the right to life of sentient beings, rights which are totally denied, proving the poor evolution of mankind and the lack of awareness, sensitivity and civilisation.
Please send a letter of protest to Kitasato University asking them to adopt modern technology on a permanent basis, in order to stop animal testing for ever.

This mail will be sent to:
Kitasato University
Mr. Tadayoshi Shiba; The president of Kitasato University
Address: 5-9-1 Shirogane Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8641, JAPAN
Tel: +81-(0)3-5791-6425

Dear sirs,
We ask Kitasato University to commence the adoption of alternative teaching methods in order to stop the sacrifice of animals. Animals testing is notoriously unreliable. The human physiology is totally different from the animals’ one with the consequent doubtful scientific value of these sort of procedures.
Moreover, the above tests are morally harmful for young veterinarians who one day will be bound to interact with the animals’ universe.
Tests performed on cats and rats, with the fixing of electrodes into their brains are not acceptable and imply infringement of the Act on Welfare and Management of Animals that was revised 6 years ago in Japan as a result of the adoption of the  “3Rs” in experiments or practices on animals.
On the basis of these facts, we request Kitasato University to carry out the following: immediately stop all experiments with electrodes being stuck into the brains of animals; take a hard look to present experiments and adopt testing methods that do not sacrifice any animal

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