Tell the FDA our pets deserve safe food rather than salvaged spoiled, rotten human foods

  • by: SUE LEE
  • target: Food and Drug Administration

Please sign and share this petition worldwide to demand better FDA regulations for pet foods provided for our deserving pet companions.

When foods are prepared for humans, they have to be discarded once they become old, out of date, spoiled or rotten.  The problem is that there are salvage brokers that gather this distressed merchandise, under state regulations and sold to other industries. What is disgusting is that these unhealthy, contaminated foods are sold to pet food industries.

I have pets and can’t imagine feeding them someone else’s spoiled, rotten food.   Why would the pet food industry think it is allowable to purchase these salvaged products and incorporate them into the foods given to our loving pets. 

When you see your pet’s food packaging, they show juicy cuts of meat and shiny fresh fruits and vegetables.  However, if you read some of the labels, does it state the food is made with salvaged chicken or consists of any “waste stream” ingredients?  Consumers are not guaranteed these glossy photos on pet food labels are anything but truthful.  What they are doing, grounding up salvaged spoiled food into the pet’s diet with no warning or disclosure is illegal and deceitful.  Of course, they are not going to blatantly tell you that your precious pet’s foods are made with less-than-acceptable ingredients.  It is mind boggling no one of authority (state and federal regulators) cares what pets or other animals are consuming.

There needs to be better regulations by the Food and Drug Administration regarding better ingredients in pet foods and a ban in using spoiled, rotten, “waste stream” ingredients.  Read more about the proposed FDA regulations at

This is extremely appalling and disturbing to most of us pet owners.  Such salvaging practices must be stopped.  I’m sorry but if the food is unfit for human consumption, it should not be fed to animals either!  Please sign and share this petition worldwide to demand better FDA regulations for pet foods provided for our deserving pet companions.


Federal Drug Administration – You need to ensure better regulations for the pet food industry.  It is appalling to think that it is allowable to feed our beloved pets the foods that are not permissible for human consumption.  Ban the pet food industry from using salvaged rotten and spoiled food and enforce stricter regulations to ensure that pet foods are made from wholesome, healthy ingredients.

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