SPEAK OUT FOR CIRCUS ANIMALS - Wild Animals are NOT on earth for our entertainment

  • by: Speak Out for Circus Animals
  • recipient: US President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, House of Representatives, US Senate, Senator Kay Hagan, Senator Richard Burr, Senator Tom Apodaca, Senator Tamara Barringer, Senator Phil Berger, Senator Dan Blue, Senator Mayor Nancy Vaughn, Mayor Allen Joine

Wild animals are born to be free.  Wild animals were NOT born for human entertainment in circuses where they live a suffering, tortured life.  

Tell our President, Congress, Senate, and your local decision makers that wild animals desparately need our help.  

Their freedom is taken away by circuses to be shackled and caged for life.

This is so very important because human beings are the largest predator of wild animals, by hunting, poaching, and circuses.  And because wild animals are becoming extinct.

It is also very important that we teach our children the truth about circuses and that wild animals should live free with their family, so not to go to any circus that has wild animals.  

We are sincerely and with hope, asking you to ban circuses that have wild animals.
We must teach our children that wild animals are born to live free at home with their family, not in circuses. Wild animals are NOT on the earth for our entertainment.

First, circuses take away innocent wild animals' freedom.  To train, they start with vunerable baby elephants, lions and tigers, continuously torturing to break their will and continue until they perform unnatural positions out of fear for the rest of their lives.  

They all live horrible, suffering, lifelong abuse at the hands of circuses.  They live and die shackled or caged.  ALL THIS FOR HUMAN ENTERTAINMENT.

They have no voice, and no choice  -  we do.

Do your research.

Please don't believe the circus. They justify and promote themselves through schools, etc relying on children who are clueless. Remember, circuses have enough money to cover it all up.  So when they are inspected and when they have open to public wild animal day, they only show the healthest wild animals without scars.  

Remember, when you see them, they are not happy, they are hoping you can read the cry for help in their eyes.


Respectfully submitted, 

Speak Out for Circus Animals (on Facebook).

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