Stop Tippet Rise Special Land Use Permit in Lake Creek

Deep Lake Creek is the wrong location for the Tippet Rise project. Signing this petition is NOT a slam against music education. Rather, Tippet Rise is not necessary for that sort of enrichment. There are multiple existing venues in Eagle County that can support these efforts. This complex does not have to be located on a rural residential parcel that is already less than the prescribed minimum of 35 acres. The proposed 18.9 acre site is a smaller acreage that is expected to include public buildings, outdoor performance venues, parking and a sizable influx of traffic on inadequate roads.

You can take a stand to preserve open land that is the habitat for herds of deer and elk, re-populating moose, mountain lions, bears, foxes, coyotes, various species of birds and small mammals. A riot of colorful wildflowers paint the woods and meadows: Columbine, Penstemmon, Wild Roses, Fleabane, Sunflowers, Bedstraw, Paintbrush, Lupine and other flora.

Signing this petition says to developers who want to by-pass the zoning change process through Special Use Permits, “Not so fast!” Music is not the only thing that feeds our souls. Mother Nature does too. And it says to governmental agencies, “Be careful with our precious lands. They are a gift. We are paying attention.”

Let’s stand together as good stewards of the land to protect our open spaces, wildlife and natural beauty.


Eagle County Commissioners
Eagle County Planning Commission

Coalition of Lake Creek Valley Homeowners, aka “Protect Lake Creek”

We request that the Tippet Rise County File ZS-5230 Application to grant a Special Use Permit for the construction and operation of a music education venue on 18.9 acres of land in West Lake Creek be denied.

* Granting a Special Use Permit will change existing zoning regulations by circumventing the appropriate Zoning Change process.  This will set a precedent that can be used by developers to by-pass existing legal restrictions for Rural Residential zoning, with 35-acre parcels, opening up a pristine area to unwanted commercial development.

*Tippet Rise will negatively impact habitat for wildlife as well as vegetation.

*Tippet Rise will negatively impact quality of life for Lake Creek Valley  residents by bringing thousands of visitors to that venue on roads that are inadequate for busses, trucks and other service vehicles.

* Tippet Rise planners have not provided adequate documentation regarding traffic, environmental impact on wildlife, water usage, sight, sound pollution.

*Tippet Rise planners are asking for a change of existing residential water well permit to an Unrestricted Commercial well, which will tax precious water resources.

*Tippet Rise planners do not outline a long-range plan for growth and operation of the facility.

*Tippet Rise planners do not provide detailed drawings and elevations of the project.

* Eagle County does not maintain roads and does not outline a plan for who will maintain roads and their cost after the venue is built.

* Increased traffic on roads will be a hazard to hikers, cyclists, mountain bikers, horseback riders  who access the country roads.

* Affected adjacent homeowners were not given the obligatory 60 day notice prior to the Planning Commission hearing on Feb. 4, 2015.

* Tippet Rise is not necessary to provide music education when existing, more accessible venues already exist in the valley and throughout the School District.

Update #18 years ago
We would like to say Thank You! for all your support in stopping the Tippet Rise project. We also invite you to join the Lake Creek Neighbors mailing list so that we can quickly reach out to you in case we need your support in the future. Please send an email including your full name, address and phone number to:

Your contact information will remain private as part of the project.


Thank You for Protecting Lake Creek!
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