Help to Preserve the Earth

  • by: JL Angell
  • target: All Who Care About Preserving the Earth for Future Generations

Daily Actions to Preserve the Earth

Commit to consciously considering one habitual choice each and every day for whether or not their is an alternative which is more respectful of the earth and the environmental impacts of our choices.  A choice might be where to buy something or what brand. It might be finding a way to recycle an item ordinarily thrown away.  It might be a strategy to reduce personal food waste.


Repeat that more respectful choice until it is a habit.  While practicing the habit, continue to consider other choices and trying alternatives that could become the next better habit.  Strive to find at least one new choice each week--give yourself kudos every week you find more than one.

Habits take 21 days to form research tells us, which means that over the course of a year we can have formed 49 new habits and be forming an 50th one that reduces our impacts on the environment.

While individual actions may not be sufficient to offset significant consequences, when repeated often enough by enough people over a long enough period of time can make a significant contribution. 

Choices can include reducing personal energy consumption (electricity including vampires), reuse and/or recycle of items, non replacement of items, less water use, less food waste, alternate transportation and/or fewer miles driven, taking reuseable bag(s) when shopping, avoiding pesticides, petroleum products, rainforest palm oil or paper, coffee not grown in shade, and poisons, etc.

Strive to find one or more others to join you and hold each other accountable.  Mutual brainstorming for new targets may also prove helpful along with giving each other kudos for each success
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