World Peace 2020 vote for me please! Andrea Heussler Spaulding

    Not many people are happy with the world, in the state that it is in. I have the desire to run for President in 2020. I figured out 🌎 ✌. It's my passion, I have the time, and I love politics. I am a Conservative Independent Republican, representing the everyday average Joe. Not a sellout. Self funded. A positive force to be reckoned with. Also, I will be a small business owner again. I have some good ideas I want to get up and running, in the near future.
    My time is very valuable; I love debate, but if y'all want to debate with me, it's gunna cost ya some cold, hard cash, $ 50,000 an hour. My time is very valuable, and people want to debate with me all the time. If I spend my time doin that, it takes away from my goal.
    Currently, I am homeless, living out of my car, yet again, by choice. I have been accepted by HUD for a housin grant, so soon I will be livin in my own house. I am a single, almost 40 year old mother of two teenage children, and currently on temporary disability. I have to sign up for government programs so I can survive right now.
    I am the common person wantin to represent the common people of our beautiful country. I believe in our constitution and our bill of rights. Recently, I have found God. I spend a minimum of 19 hours a day working towards World Peace, in one way or another. I currently am doin a lot of volunteer work, so I can stay busy. I will be pickin a female that is not already a sellout in the political arena to be my VP. On top of all this, I am honest, an open book, loyal, not a sellout, a positive force to be reckoned with. I believe in equal rights and lefts. Ya come at me sideways, ya better be prepared for my reaction, because it isn't gunna be nice. I have been bullied most of my life, because I was a shy, quiet, kind-hearted child. All I alwant is for people to be nice to eachother, help eachother out. There will be a set date, for everyone to come into compliance with World Peace. It won't happen over night, and thats ok.
    Every day, I see discrimination, suppression of our rights, harassment, and everything else negative. Yet, I can see the positive in any situations.
    Trump has stated that he will grab any woman he wants by the pussy. He will never put his hands on me! Promise y'all that. It's uninvited attention that he does not have the right to do, another form of rape. I wrote to him on June, 15th, 2019, an Anti Bullyin Bill. He hasnt responded back, because I told him that he had to humble himself, in the eyes of the world and apologize to everyone for his behavior. He could have been the greatest male American President if he passed this bill. I joked with him about runnin against him in 2020, and havin him have me as one of his advisors. After 3 months of waitin, I decided to take matters into my own hands.
    Michelle Obama is a modern day slave driver, makin people make healthy choices. Thats not ok, when we love in a country where we have freedom of choice.
    Taxation is theft! We get taxed for everything out here in California. Food, rooms, gas, plastic bags, gas, everything. They even banned straws and plastic bags. What a joke. We need to incinerate all the plastics and make clean energy with them. I could go on all day, but I don't have the time to.
    Many people have come at me sideways with their negativity about my dream. They say it's impossible to achieve this. It's not. I believe that with teamwork, we can make my dream a reality.
    All I want to be able to sit down with the world leaders, play chess, talk, eat their choice of foods, drink their choice of drinks, smoke their choice smoke. Compromise. Help eachother out, to make this world a better place.
    These are some of the ideas I have. I will have build the ALHS homes for Youth, the Homeless, Vets, etc. All seperate entities. I want education to be free for all, until they graduate. Then they must get a job in their chosen field and pay back the government for their contribution. Room and board, and food will be provided. Interest free. I also am in the process of settin up my own businesses that I have already trademarked.
    If y'all want world peace, I hope that I will have your support. Have a nice day y'all, ya hear?
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