Please ban the sale of animal fur for fashion!!!

Hi 👋,
The practices of farming/trapping and killing animals for their fur for fashion and profits are extremely cruel. Fur farming, and the killing of farmed animals for their furs, is amongst the cruellest practices to animals by humans in the world.
In fur farming, animals like minke, foxes, raccoons, sables, ermines and rabbits are kept often in cruel, tiny cages (tiny when compared to the animals' ranges in the wild). When the time comes for them to be killed for their furs, they are killed by lethal injection, neck-breaking, electrocution, beating, poisoning and/or gassing. All so that people can profit, and for other people to wear their fur to feel warm, glamourous and show off to others. Why, when they can wear ethically-produced faux fur instead?
In fur trapping, animals such as coyotes, foxes 🦊, wolves 🐺, lynx and, possibly, others are caught in horrible leg-hold traps, snares, Conibear traps, drowning sets and other traps that often cause suffering. These can cause broken bones and other injuries. Animals who have been rescued from these traps, including a cat 🐱 that I have read about, sometimes have to have limbs amputated as a result of these horrible traps. The animals may suffer in agony, hungry and thirsty before the trapper comes to kill by suffocation, beating/other cruel methods. This is if the animal doesn't die first due to predation, starvation, thirst, infection, blood loss and/or exposure. Any dependent young of any female animal who is caught are then almost certain to die due to starvation, illness, injury, and/or predation without their mother to feed, care for and protect them. This is, perhaps, especially true if they haven't been weaned yet. Conibear trap was designed to be more "humane", but non-target animals that are of the "wrong" size are often caught and can suffer because of this. Similar situations may also occur wih snares and other types of traps that are designed to be more "humane". Besides, even if the trap does meet its supposed "humane" standards, it still probably causes some suffering, and the animals are still killed, maybe, unnecessarily. Their lives are still taken for profit and fashion.
All unnecessary violence towards all sentient beings absolutely needs to be brought to an end as soon as can be. This includes the unnecessary cruelty and killing in the fur trade.
I can understand more someone killing an animal to eat and use their skin out of necessity for survival, like, maybe, the Inuit or someone stranded in the wilderness, but not just for fashion and profits.
Please sign petitions like this one, share them and contact World Leaders asking for worldwide legislation/s to outlaw the sale of real animal fur for fashion and the unnecessary violence involved in the fur trade. Please also don't buy real fur. If you're unsure 😐, a more reliable way* to sometimes tell if it is real or faux is to separate the hairs. If you can see the stitchings, it's faux, but if you can see skin/leather at the base, it's probably real (please don't buy it in this case). If you're still unsure 😐, please don't buy it. An animal's existence and feelings are more important than your appearance and liking/loving for an item/s. There is a lot of faux fur out there, some of which could also cause wowing from your mates(!) With so much faux fur, and so many people, including celebrities such as Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, Ellen DeGeneres, Ricky Gervais, Alicia Silverstone, Bryan Adams, Ian Somethalder, Claudia Scheiffer, Olivia Munn, Tim Gunn, Kristen Bell, Stella McCartney, Pamela Anderson, Gillian Anderson and Leonardo Dicaprio all being animal rights activists, WHY are some companies, businesses and individuals still allowed to abuse and kill animals, and use, wear and sell real fur unnecessarily?
We pledge NEVER to support companies that still sell real fur, let alone wear/buy real fur ourselves. We pledge to do all that we can (ethically, whilst still being kind to ourselves and doing other ethically okay things) to end the unnecessary cruelty, killing, sale, use and wearing of real fur. We will continue to bombard the world's governments, other leaders, royalty, companies, businesses and individuals who are in the business of real fur until ALL unnecessary business in real animal fur is banned in every country and territory and brought to an end compassionately.
Thank you 😊 to the moon 🌓 and back for this and for all the good you do, will do and have ever done.
May you and all sentient beings be perfectly well, healthy, happy and safe forever.
Have the best day and night ever!

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