Demand Strong Punishment For Owners Who Left Dog Outside to Freeze in Subzero Temps

  • by: SUE LEE
  • target: Dubois County Law Enforcement in Indiana

Please sign and share this petition to demand these dog owners get what they deserve for leaving their dog outside during all the recent subzero temperatures.  Dog was found frozen to the ground in the backyard because the owners would not take it inside to be warm!

As most of you know, we have had some recent subzero weather with lots of snow and wind chills as much as 45 below zero.  Many people have lost their lives due to these drastic temps.  What many people seem to forget is the effect of the weather on our domestic pets.

It is true that many animals can adapt to weather changes because they live outdoors live round.  It breaks my heart to think of these creatures trying to cope in these varying types of temperatures.  However, when it comes to our domestic pets, dogs and cats, as an owner we are responsible for their health and well-being.  They rely on us and do not have the wisdom to know not to stay outside in frigid weather. 

Even if you have a pet that loves to be outdoors in the better, more pleasurable seasons, protect your animals in cold, frigid weather.  It takes tiny paws just moments to freeze.  Last week, in the Dubois County area in Indiana, a dog was discovered frozen to the ground in its back yard.  The owners, the Kimmel’s did not even give a second thought to protecting their pet and bringing it indoors.

The dog is a Sheltie mix by the name of Peanut.  An anonymous caller alerted authorities about this poor animal and another residing in the back yard in below zero weather. The other dog was inside its dog house, trying to find shelter from the freezing elements!  Both animals were seized and brought to the Humane Society for treatment, a bath and much needed warmth. Feces and excrements were frozen to the poor dog.

The Kimmel’s were charged with animal neglect, a class A misdemeanor!  They deserve the type of treatment they provided those babies that depended on them for their health and well-being!! Please let this be a reminder to all pet owners of how tragic cold temps can be to your precious pet companions.

These irresponsible pet owners must relinquish their rights to these animals, be punished to the full extent of the law for animal neglect and cruelty and never ever be allowed to own another pet.  Please sign and share this petition to demand these dog owners get what they deserve for leaving their dog outside during all the recent subzero temperatures. 

Dubois County Law Enforcement in Indiana – When people like the Kimmel’s are so irresponsible in the care of their pets, it is imperative that they pay for their actions.  Please seek the strictest punishment for their animal neglect and cruelty charges, also taking away all their rights in owning a pet ever again.  They have shown that they cannot care for and do not deserve to own a pet that could subsequently meet the same type of treatment, possibly with more devastating results.  Punish these people for their actions!!

Update #13 years ago
This sweet dog is getting a second chance on life while the previous owners are going to court next month, charged with animal cruelty! Thanks for the support!
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