Please STOP the unbridled spread of Lyme disease/Borrelia infections in Australia

To save lives.

There are a vast amount of people in Australia infected with Borrelia species and with locally acquired Lyme disease, most sufferers are not even aware that their wide spread neurological and systemic suffering is actually Lyme disease and or co-infections of Lyme disease, because they are being misdiagnosed with many other diseases and illnesses with names that are familiar to the Doctors here in Australia, these diagnosis's are only conditions of the core of their infections, which is Borrelia, the most common one being Lyme disease, this is because the Doctor’s in Australia have been told not to consider the world’s fastest emerging disease, even when patient’s present with symptoms that are classically Lyme disease.

This is due to the dangerous and lethal myth that Lyme disease is not in or is rare in Australia and that it cannot be locally acquired here. It doesn’t take much research and common sense to realise this claim is ludicrous, as migrating birds have carried it and dispersed it into every continent in the world, but Australia has been led to believe, by the people responsible for this outrageous hogwash 18 years ago, that we are immune to the world’s fastest emerging disease, these same people have been left in charge and allowed to perpetuate their antiquated and incorrect finding for nearly 2 decades.

The early diagnoses and correct treatment for Lyme disease and co-infections can prevent a lifetime of unnecessary chronic pain, suffering and death, please help stop this diabolical behaviour from those who are put in positions of trust to protect all Australian’s, especially for the children who are having their youth, health and quality of life stolen from them, due to Borrelia infections not being recognised in them when they present with it to the Australian Doctors and Specialists.

Please ask the Australian Government to invest in appropriate and accurate testing methods and equipment and in people who know how to use them and who know how to correctly interpret results and diagnose these vector- borne stealth pathogens, please stop this deadly myth in Australia and put true experts in charge of research into Lyme disease and co-infections who have no hidden agenda and who genuinely want to stop the further spread of Lyme disease and co-infections and who want to help all Australian’s who are presently suffering with Borrelia infections.

Please ask them to invest in training and education for our Doctors with the help of International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS), the true experts in Lyme disease, Borrelia infections and Vector- Borne diseases, so that they can do their job and make sufferers well, instead of exacerbating this illness and stop referring to it as illnesses with unknown causes and start to identify and treat it for what it really is, Lyme disease and co-infections of Lyme disease.

Anyone out there with multiple, wide spread and unexplained ongoing illness, pain and suffering who are being given different diagnoses by different Doctors, more than likely has at least one Borrelia infection. In Australia now, there are so many on the rise illnesses with unknown cause, because this disease has been ignored, denied and unobstructed now for so long that it is prevalent all through Australia and is no longer confined to the woods or wildlife parks, many birds, especially the Indian Mynors, are rife with the ticks, mites, lice and other arthropods that are carrying and spreading, at an alarming rate, these Borrelia and co-infections into our living, working and leisure environments, putting all Australian families at high risk.

In God’s name please please help stop this unnecessary torture and indescribable suffering in Australia.

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