Stop the Restricted Dog List! All Dogs Have Feelings and Rights!

  • by: Sarah Bauer
  • target: Landlords, All Apartment and Condo Complexes that allow dogs, The State of Virginia

Dogs that are currently on "Restricted Lists" for Apartments/Condos/Etc should have equal rights as the dogs who are allowed in these complexes/areas. Dogs that are mean are that way because of their bad past which could include; abuse, neglect, and any other kind of mistreatment by a human being. These dogs that are rescued are being worked with on a daily basis to improve their temperaments, to regain or gain trust in humans, and to be loving and affectionate. All they knew was a human equaled pain and suffering. With kind and generous people willing to save these dogs from high kill shelters, puppy mills, the streets, etc, that were once hurting are given a second chance to be shown that life is great and that not all humans are bad. These dogs deserve that chance.

When they are puppies and living with the right family, they will grow up and be loving and kind. Complexes, landlords, and communities need to start accepting these dogs so they are not overcrowding shelters and not being euthanized just because people refuse to educate themselves on why they have bad reputations.

Please, help save a misunderstood and unwanted dog’s life and help give them a second chance at having a good life.

I am actively trying to give dogs on restricted lists a second chance at having a good life. I understand that while people may be concerned about the safety of their children, animals, and themselves, they should also consider looking further into the dogs that claim to be bad. I believe that if people got to interact with these dogs either one on one or with family or friends, they will come to realize that these dogs are in fact very gentle, sweet and loving. All they want is to be with a loving individual or family who treats them right.
Please consider this and signing my petition so that we may get these dogs out of high kill shelters, adopted into loving environments, and allowed to be welcomed into communities without a misunderstood reputation.
Thank you.

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