Tell Hay House NOT to publish a book of plagiarized and harmful teachings!

Teal Swan is a self-made pseudo-spiritual YouTube personality who claims to be a divine messenger and teacher, yet her entire body of work is based on material she has blatantly stolen, often verbatim, from other teachers. Entire websites have been created to reveal the many instances in which her blogs have been verbatim copies of Wikipedia articles, and students from many schools of thought have stood up to protest her stealing of their teacher's ideals.

Most recently, she has stolen, then copyrighted, the Completion Process, from Hinduism and claimed it as her own. The Completion Process was first revealed to humanity by Sada Shiva in the ancient Vedic scripture Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, and was re-introduced in English by the living enlightened incarnation Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Nithyananda coined the phrase "Completion Process" in 2006 as the English translation of the ancient Sanskrit technique, and in videos published on YouTube as early as 2012, He reveals the step by step process, which begins with identifying the source of an incompletion, then reliving the experience to relieve it. Teal Swan's knock-off version stresses the importance of "seeking the origin" the "awaiting relief inside the memory." It's a watered down version of Hindu practice that is both misleading and potentially harmful.

In Hindu tradition, the importance of learning sacred truths from their genuine source is stressed. The teacher imprints on the student through the teachings. When we learn a technique from someone who is in a state of bliss, enlightenment and complete completion, it's an initiation into the best possible life. If we learn a process from someone who is, like Ms. Swan, suffering with emotional disorders and unable to complete with the past, it's an invitation into the suffering and limitation of that unqualified teacher.

The 9th verse of Isavasya Upanishad states:

andhaṁ tamaḥ praviśanti ye’avidyām upāsate |
tato bhūya iva te tamo yau vidyāyāṁ ratāḥ ||

Those who worship avidyā, the ignorance that veils the true knowledge of Truth, Consciousness, enter into blinding darkness characterized by the absence of perception; but into greater darkness of ignorance than that, enter they who, considering themselves as scholarly and learned, are engaged in vidyā, the incomplete knowledge acquired for vested interests characterized by the impure perception of Truth, Consciousness.

Teal Swan and those who tout her half-baked and ineffective version of truth fall into that second category; they are dangerously deluded and capable of causing unimaginable harm to seekers. For this reason, Hay House should NOT publish her book, which is not only an insult to Sanatana Hindu Dharma, from which it's content was stolen without credit and then irresponsibly twisted, but is also a danger to it's future readers. Those who seek to complete their past should not be swindled by this attention seeking, plagiarizing and terribly damaged woman.

Tell Hay House why YOU feel Teal Swan's book should not be published, and tell Teal's fans why following her is leading them down a dark and dangerous path.
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