Urge the South African government to halt the devastating betrayal of its Wildlife

  • by: CJ
  • recipient: The South African Ministries of: Tourism, Trade and Industry, International Relations and Co-operation, Sport and Recreation, Economic Development, Environmental Affairs, and Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries

Please speak up against the systematic and immoral use of animals and their bodies for the twisted and brief pleasure of human beings.

We, the undersigned potential tourists and investors, are absolutely outraged, regarding the plight of South Africa’s wildlife - the flagrant systematic and immoral use of animals and their bodies for the twisted and brief pleasure of human beings. 

The majestic African lion… 
Lion cubs are taken from their mothers, and tamed to be petted and loved by a paying tourist public. When they’re too old for that aspect of the enterprise, after they have learnt to trust human beings, they’re turned loose into enclosures so that another paying tourist can kill them. And finally their bones are sold to China for use in traditional medicines. It's staged, cynical and morally bankrupt!

The iconic Rhinos… 
We do not condone the “hunting" of rhinos for trophies – especially when they are already being mercilessly slaughtered by poachers. “Tourists” come from Vietnam and Thailand for trophy hunting safaris so they can kill rhinos for their horns and return home with their loot to sell to an ignorant public. Who wins? The government of SA for hunting fees. The trophy hunting safari companies. And the hunters themselves. Of course, the rhinos lose. And at this point they may be lost forever.

As for rhino horn farming… To reduce a species to nothing more than a means of transferring cash!

The gentle and noble Elephants ... 

The USE of their bodies for the financial profit of various soulless humans in a chain of commercial enterprises. From terrorists fattening their wallets to beef up human trafficking and other violent enterprises. To governments and 'companies' escorting paying tourists to kill an endangered species -- a species with the intellect and emotions akin to human beings. To selling confiscated ivory from past poaching episodes to fund government coffers -- not to mention the corrupt officials who line their personal pockets as well. And all it does is to further feed the market, just as it did in 2008 when the last stockpiled ivory made its way to China and let loose the hounds of hell.

"Every piece of ivory is a haunting memory of a once proud and majestic animal that should have lived three score years and ten; who has loved and been loved, and was once a member of a close knit and loving family akin to our own, but who has suffered and died to yield a tusk for a trinket."

~Dr. Dame Daphne Sheldrick~

These practices are killing wildlife and funnelling the "product" to Asia. 

Thus we, the undersigned, hereby pledge to boycott South African tourism and not to invest in any South African companies, or buy South African products until you, the South African government have done everything in your power to stop the trade of animals and their parts by:

• creating and enforcing tough laws on wildlife crime;

• banning hunting safaris, and canned animal hunting;

• not allowing the sale of confiscated rhino horn or elephant tusks (it must be DESTROYED as Gabon, Philippines, and Kenya did recently);

• not allowing rhino horn farming or farming of any other wildlife that is known to be a target for Wildlife Crimes;

• using access to your natural resources as leverage to influence China to shut down their ivory carving factories, and do everything possible to end the use of animal parts;

The Wildlife of the planet is extremely important to us, and millions of people around the world. We will never stop fighting until animals have their rights respected. We will do everything in our power to spread the message and influence all potential investors and tourists, individuals and companies, to stay away from South Africa until the above actions have been taken.

"Take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented."
Elie Wiesel, born 1928: 1986 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

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