PETITION REMOVE DSS North Carolina Judge Elizabeth Heath CHILD ABUSE IMMIGRATION custody

Yes-- US IMMIGRATION FRAUD in the concealment by Judge Heath resulted in the conceal Nigeria Africa man having dumped buring my son, and Judges Elizabeth Heath, Judge David Brantley, Greene County Social Services concealed, covered-up the injury as well as the immigration person vanished after injury.  Do you think anyone in the DA's office would prosecute? No. IMMIGRATION POLITICS, money, power, has its priority over rights father\son, and (a new "Chief Judge") position reason enough to violate N.C.G.S. 7B-310 refused to hear Child Abuse Neglect.

Listen, Please copy paste link and pass along re-posts. Save us:

Here, an unwed 64 y/o natural citizen American father of then 4y/o son now 8y/o discovers son mother also (a natural born American citizen) money-hungry, (previous cocaine abuser) in Raleigh NC got involved in (a paid US Citizenship Immigration scheme), he jumps to file for custody of their 4 yr son before the Immigration recipient could abscond destinations unknown with their son. However, it was too late. The judge, the mothers attorney and the politics of U.S. Immigration sympathizers had fixed-case and the Judge Elizabeth Heath (concealed) the U.S. Immigration Nigeria Africa fraud concealed person from citizen father, meets with the immigration recipient, that VANISH with the citizen father son (KH) and Judge Heath gets appointed "CHIEF" District Court Judge, after concealing immigration, and the minor child gets intentionally BURNED by the IMMIGRATION benefit recipient. judge Heath having concealed could not allow to bring the child burning Nigeria African to trial after she had herself engaged in giving conceal control custody in the first. AMERICAN PARENTS ARE NOW SUBJECTED (in Family Courts) to having Judges engaged in in bartering American citizens child/ren to unknown US IMMIGRATION person during a court custody proceeding and concealed granting custody without NOTICE to the custodial parent. -- NATURAL BORN Fit Proper AMERICAN Parents are entitled to their own child/ren; and right to confront any IMMIGRATION unknowns having access to their children, especially from Nigeria Africa. JUDGE HEATH carried the Politics IMMIGRATION to personal level, injured a child in the process, then retaliated against the American citizen father after discovering her secreted prior agreement to conceal IMMIGRATION frauds, in bartering her new Chief District Judge position giving the child to an unknown. This is a new level of North Carolina (backroom) Judicial and attorneys bartering and\or trafficking AMERICAN child/ren!! It's stated Child Trafficking as - (as any person (child) who is recruited, harbored, provided, or obtained through force, [judicial] (fraud), or coercion for the purpose of subjecting that person to involuntary servitude.

It's well known in the Goldsboro and district the American father son inseparable loving tight-unbreakable-bond, could be the envy of any father, his son bond to daddy in such display was observed by all place they shared meals, roller-skating, and the like. Now involuntary Judicial impose SERVITUDE, regardless of the mothers immigration frauds scheme paid US Citizenship.

Ironically, Heath's the second judge. (So, what happened to the Eighth Judicial District's POLICY of One Judge One Family???). Well, Judge Timothy Ivan Finan was the (officially assigned One Judge One Family Judge, until he filtered through the IMMIGRATION and false-statement of the mother, and her attorney Natarlin Best. In doing so, against (the powers) behind immigration politics, and higher hidden officials had Judge Finan REMOVED. Here, a new search went out, for a more complicit judge, finding Judge Heath as the "highly recruited" "complicit replacement" to ensure the required US IMMIGRATION spouse recipient concealment and U.S. entry concealed during custody\paternity. Here, another egregious act. The State North Carolina having to discriminate against a employee REMOVING AN AMERICAN Judge Timothy Ivan Finan May 2015 after Finan refused to conceal IMMIGRATION US entry (that the American father had no knowledge of of US entry during the matters that would have exposed frauds). And immigration concealment the cause "forcing" custody claim to be filed. Even more so unethical in Judge Heath's conduct, having the father (pay for) high-dollar legal-representation while Heath would conceal the exact-legal problem of US IMMIGRATION recipient frauds and U.S. entry. Doing so, Heath as the father being billed for months, she secretly was meeting and gave absconding-concealed custody to the immigration concealed person having (no history with the child; and closed the hearing with the ignorant AMERICAN FATHER STUCK WITH $10,000+ legal fees to the co-conspiring Goldsboro attorney, with full-knowledge of the district attorney Mathew Delbridge. ---- YES! The TOILET REQUIRES FLUSHING as the Public becoming daily victims of legal-misconduct in the most serious manner.

Clearly, the Eighth Judicial District runs rampant in a legal-illegal system where these attorneys, turn into judges, and prosecutors with power to corruptly use without (legitimate oversight) having "Chief District Judges" appointed like Heath, after making deals for the position in and of itself gained by non judicial function, non-judicial act of (backroom) bartering a child then retaliate being discovered.

LET'S RECALL---Public pressure leads to dismissal of pet rescuer's charges
Posted Thursday, September 27, 2018 12:00 am-- -- THUMBS UP to animal advocates and concerned citizens whose support for animal rescuer Tammie Hedges of Goldsboro led Wayne County District Attorney Matthew Delbridge to drop a dozen criminal charges against the Good Samaritan, who provided stray dogs with refuge as Hurricane Florence pounded eastern North Carolina. In a needless bureaucratic bungle that stoked national outrage, the DA's office slapped Hedges with 12 counts of practicing veterinary medicine without a license on Friday. Delbridge dismissed the charges Tuesday afternoon after more than 10,000 people signed an online petition opposing the heavy-handed move and legal luminaries cast his prosecution in a decidedly dim light. ...Residents of Greene, Wayne and Lenoir counties should monitor their defiant DA carefully. If his embarrassing performance in this episode is repeated, it may be time to send him packing.

As stated -- Stupidity, or sheer arrogance is running rampant in the EIGHTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT Judges, attorneys and prosecutors are reading from their own personal set of standards application of abuses on the PUBLIC. ---George Mason University law professor Ilya Somin defended Hedges, explaining on fellow legal scholar Eugene Volokh's blog that the case constitutes an abuse of discretion.

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