Return the REPUBLIC of th U.S.A. to the Constitution and Common law of the People , by the people fo

We the People , per our Wishes and Free Sovereign Rights , herein  Make Demand  that our elected "Public Servants " return to and enforce the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence and Common Law of the Land , and repeal and ban any and all acts/law that violate the Sovereign rights of the People and violate established law that have created Unlawful Institutions and agencies , and Powers that usurp the Authority of the People and or their elected Servants.
We the undersigned Free Sovereign People of the Republic of the 50 United States of America , within our rights of common law and the Constitution of the U.S.A.  and through the declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights , within Our Power of Self Government ,  specifically Our Republican form of Government (this is NOT a Democracy) , Of the People , By the People , and For  the People , as there  is No higher Power than the People in this Republic  other than God (for those who believe in God , a right secured to Us), Herein and Hereby make Demand of Our Public Servants , that:

   1.     This Declaration  and Demand be heeded and be immediately acted upon By  Fact and By  Duty of our duly elected Public Servants (Congress , Senate, President , Vice President , Judges of the Higher courts and all courts and all other public Servants), per the Instructions and Demands of the People .       Also thus , the following  remaining Declarations and Demands  in writing/print herein , shall  be dutifully executed  and acted upon with diligence , as per the preceding demand and reason aforementioned in this petition/Demand of action/Redress  , without fail .

 2.   Therefore be it also  known by way of redress/demand  of the People, that :   The Congress  and Senate of the  Republic of the 50 United states(countries) Imediatley return The Republic of the U.S.A. back to/upon the GOLD STANDARD .
3. We the People demand that : Our Servant Congress  and Senate ,  Repeal Unlawfully passed legislation/Law/acts that : Illegally/and Unlawfully authorize(d)  the  "Federal Reserve" ,{ A PRIVATE Bank group} to coin and print  coin Fiat Currency (Federal Reserve notes/promise to pay) , and per the Peoples Demand , the U.S.A. Congress and Senate Shall Forever cut All ties and affiliation with , by / or through the Federal Reserve.   And , as per the Constitution , Only "CONGRESS "can legally/lawfully coin and or Print Legal  Tender  Specie [coin , monies , currency ] and therefore  We the People Demand that it be so.                                                                                                    

4. We the People Demand  Our  U.S.A. Servant  Congress and Senate  to:  Repeal any and all Acts/law/legislation that Created and empower the Unlawful  Collection Arm of the Federal Reserve  , known as: The Internal Revenue Service [IRS]  , and henceforth FOREVER BAN ,  and Abolish  the IRS and to pass law/legislation to prevent  any law / legislation from being passed or considered for re-installing or Creating  or using in any way , a new IRS or similar Unlawful agency or Institution.   And,  We the People also demand that:   No taxes may , can or will  be collected from , through , with or as a result of the Fruit of the Peoples "PRIVATE LABOR ", and or  the exchange of value thereof , and or  therein. And also that:  This Demand be kept intact Forever  , Immutable ,"without exception", regardless of whatever may come or  , or however  the course of history  may be.

5. We the People of the  Republic of the U.S.A. hereby make Demand of  Our Servant  U.S.A. Congress and Senate  to:   Enforce  , uphold  , and Obey the  First amendment of Our U.S.A. Constitution (and all other Lawful amendments that do not violate the Unalienable Rights of the People), wherein Our Right to Religious Freedom is Guaranteed to the People. [Amendment 1] -Quoted Directly- ,                                                        "Congress shall make NO LAW respecting an Establishment of Religion , or PROHIBITING the FREE EXERCISE THEREOF; or Abridging the Freedom of Speech , or of the Press;or the RIGHT of the PEOPLE PEACEABLY to ASSEMBLE , and to PETITION the Government for a REDRESS of GRIEVANCES"  .   { We the People have the Right to be left alone!}

6. We the People make Demand of Our Servant  U.S.A. Congress and Senate to: Repeal and or renounce , and or Declare Null and Void Now and Forever , without exception , Any and all Law(s) Unlawfully and Illegally   Usurped or claimed  by executive power , including but not limited to: The Patriot Act and any and ALL similar Invocations of Unlawful Executive Power , and or Unlawfully  passed Congressional/Senate  Law/acts/ bills and the like.                                                                                                               Herein We the People also make Demand that:  Congress renounce and retract  and  Declare Unconstitutional any war like actions on Foreign soil and all aggression therein be permanently disbanded  and withdrawn unless and until Our Servant Congress Declares War therein [ As "ONLY CONGRESS CAN DECLARE WAR"] ,  - and that All aggression, Fighting with, or engagement of battle /war like aggression/attack  to /at/ with /  for ,  or about Any Foreign Countries/Nations/Provinces/Counties etc ,  be Imediately Suspended , halted and withdrawn and ceased and desisted , and All Military Actions, maneuvers ,and or  occupations of/on foreign soil or the  peoples therein , be immediately  ceased , halted, suspended indefinitely , Until  a "Declaration of War" is made by Our Servant Congress.

7. We the People also make Demand of Our Servant  Congress and Senate  and President , that:   Judges in All courts  of the U.S.A.  be reigned in to follow and strictly adhere to  the Constitution and the Common Law of the People and thereby  All U.S. Courts will be allowed  to:  "ONLY INTERPRET" the law and "Never Allowed"  to "MAKE" law from the bench , or to Violate the Unalienable Rights of the People  through/by  using / citing or  invoking  Laws/Statute / Code  of Foreign Countries , Provinces,counties or any law not specifically  Written  in Our Constitution as per Unalienable Rights and  or those Laws commonly agreed upon by the People as Common Law ,  by the People and for the People.  We also make demand that:  Congress/Senate enforce through the Courts  "DUE PROCESS , and HABEAS CORPUS , and that Congress and the  Senate  of the U.S.A. pass legislation that will Never Allow  "DUE PROCESS , or "HABEAS CORPUS"( and other constitutional law to protect the People)  to Ever "Be done away with , Suspended , Revoked , Made Void , or Canceled  for any reason , purpose,  and or By any Authority or Court or Body of Law Creating  servants , or by the People or Our President . We also make Demand that: All Public Servants guilty of "Bad behavior"while in office ,  be  Immediately removed from office (Including members of Congress, Senate , Judges , and all duly elected Public Servants , whether of Federal , State , County, city or rural governments in any capacity , And to:  Also REMOVE from office , those whom have Violated  Constitutional Law by attending "secret" meetings with: The Bilderberger Group , the CFR ,  and other like agencies , groups , parties,corporations, entities , or  persons, Whether that attending  person(s) be of Congress , the Senate or Any elected capacity , as stated per Our Constitution.

8.       We the People Hereby also make Demand that:  NAFTA , CAFTA and All  like kind legislation be repealed  and abolished with no opportunity to be reinstalled.  And also that: All bonds ,  ties , associations , and relationships with  , through , and or about  NATO , the U.N. , the CFR , the EPA(a Soviet agency) and All other like kind Unlawful and Unconstitutional  agencies, programs  or law   be abandoned, stricken, abolished , and or  repealed , Never to be re-installed or voted on again forever , nor Ever again to be Implemented  or used by any branch  or power or arm of Our Republican Government -(again, we are NOT a Democracy).      Whereas also ,  We the People Demand that:  All Unlawful programs and Funding thereof those same programs Be repealed , unfunded, abolished , and or  abandoned... forever.   Such programs are by way of example:   All  Federal Title-D programs ( specifically but not limited to the  Title 4-D incetivization  of  the 50 United States to Unlawfully STEAL (seize) Our  children without invoking or adhering to "DUE Process" , and deliberately  and premeditatedly Violating the Peoples Unalienable Rights , using unlawfully passed Legislation/Acts of  and By Congress/Senate of the U.S.A. and using Inferior Corrupt Courts , and Unlawful and Illegal agencies ( such as CPS)  , And Unlawfully employing through coersion  and or Federal Incentive Monies and programs  all 50  States Attorney Generals , States/CPS Unlawfully using  Sheriffs Departments to Intimidate the People (and Sheriffs violating their  own Oaths of office), and States/CPS  using and employing Unlawful Corrupt foreign corporations to carry out Illegal and Unlawful  acts , actions ,  and activities.   We Demand that these Unlawful Practices Cease and desist Forever.
9. We the people demand that:   All crude oil exploration areas within the Continental U.S. be opened Permanently.  And further that: All Deposits , reserves , and stores of Crude discovered in the U.S.A. and off it's shores be exclusively for the Use of and for the People of the U.S.A.     We also make Demand that:  All exportation of  Oil to foreign Countries be stopped  immediately , and that all Foreign Oil imported , and  All Domestic Crude/Energy supplies not be allowed to be speculated upon for a period of 15 years (a Moratorium on  Crude , Fuel, oil and  All energies markets Speculation(s).

10 We the People also hereby Demand that: All Land in the USA be Returned to Allodial title (as it once was ) and that ALL Feudal titling processes , programs , Law /statute/code  be Forever Abolished/Banned/Abandoned , and Never reconsidered or reinstalled.  And also that:  The Moratorium  Placed on /of Patenting Mining claims , be immediately lifted and  Never to be replaced ,  considered , or allowed again ,  for all time.  And also that: The Allodial titling system for Patenting Mining Claims be honored  and therefore Done , as it was when Patenting Law was first written so many years ago , and  We demand that: This Our Allodial titling system for Mining Claims to Never be rejected , Changed , disallowed , rewritten , added to any other titling system or refused.

 11. WE the PEOPLE , Respectfully make these Demands , as we are the "MASTERS Of" Our Government and the Servants that are therein ,( but WE are  also Fellow kindred of those that Serve.  Within this Petition are Our Demands ,  For or Of certain  Laws , abolishments, or the  adherence to a Law(s) , which Many  People have a sincere desire to  have Met, and or Restored , and or abolished  within this Republic . We the People ... Fathers , Mothers , Single Adults , Brothers  , Sisters , Friends , Senators , Congressmen , Sheriffs, Bakers ,Steel workers , Janitors etc ..... All Having Unalienable RIGHTS ,............All Free Sovereign Americans .
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