BAN Fur Farming in Japan

  • by: Animal Rights Center Jpana
  • recipient: Japanese Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Japanese Secretary of State for the Environment Hokkaido governor Gumma governor Niigata governor Nagano governor Hyogo governor 
Did you know that animals are still being killed for fur in Japan? Thereality is shrouded in darkness.The number of fur farms has been declining and it is estimated thatthere are currently seven of them in Japan.Although the number has been decreasing, it does not change the factthat there are animals kept in small cages for their entire lives andkilled for fashion in our country.We must eliminate all the animals that suffer and killed for fashion from Japan as soon as possible, and we would like to ask for your cooperation.
BAN Fur Farms in Japan: Stop raising animals for fur and close alldomestic fur farms.
1. Understand the current situation at fur farms.Although the fur farms belong to livestock industry, they are notprotected by laws related to livestock industry nor animal welfare,and thus it’s very difficult to understand what is really happeningthere. We request for an investigation and disclosure of allinformation such as the number of animals and the way they are raisedand killed.
2. Ban Fur Farms in Japan: Stop raising animals for fur and close all domestic fur farms.
Although the number of fur farms has been declining steadily, it's estimated that there are still seven fur farms in Japan.Animals are kept in small filthy cages and killed six to twelve monthsafter the birth.Minks are semi-aquatic animals and they spend about 60% of their timein water. Foxes migrate miles daily and they burrow under the soil.The living environment of the fur farms, however, does not supportsuch behavior of the animals as they are kept in small cages.In general, minks are choked to death in boxes and foxes are killed bygenital electrocution by having rods shoved into their anus and mouth.Other methods include breaking the animal’s necks. None of thesemethods give consideration to animals.
Since Japan currently has no laws regulating the fur farm, we have noidea how many animals are kept at those farms and how they are raisedand killed.
The EU recognizes the cruelty of animals raised and killed for fur,and some EU countries have banned breeding of animals for fur. Thisshows that animal welfare is given priority over economic activities.
Materials warmer than fur are already available to protect you againstthe cold. For those who want to wear fur for fashion, fake fur iseasily available - it's very difficult to tell the difference betweenthe real and fake today.There is absolutely no need to raise and kill animals for fashion andcold protection. While we have many alternatives available today, wecannot justify the breeding and killing of animals for fur.
Petition Deadline: September 30, 2012
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