Ban Gas Chambers in Animal Facilities

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  • recipient: Gas chambers in Animal Facilities! This petition was to ban gas chambers it needed 5000 signatures to be reviewed by congress on Nov 1 2011 I am happy to say it is guaranteed to get reviewed! Hopefully there will be good results only time will tell :) thank you all to whom signed!

Gas chambers are still being used to kill animals that are noted as "sick" or its usually because they do not have enough room.31 States are still  using gas chambers but because of voices like yours 19 states have decided to ban gas chambers lets shoot for all states!

The gas chamber usually can take up to 45 minutes for the animals to pass sometimes it takes even longer. A few have miraculously survived the recent reporting of survivors are Andrea (cat) and Daniel (beagle) both from different states. Its obvious these gas chambers aren't being used properly.
(Graphic text just to forewarn)
During this process the animals are put into a small box with many other animals (sometimes up to 30).The gas is turned on they are scared and cramped as this gas fills their lungs it starts burning their insides and eyes. They then begin to panic and cry for help as they bleed from their cavities, vomit and defecate all over (literally) and finally after enduring this for several minutes they take their last breath... As all of this is going on they are usually fully conscious.

If your state allows gas chambers you are paying with your tax dollars for this to happen shouldn't you have a voice in where your tax money goes? Most people do not even know gas chambers exist let alone that they are paying for them. I was one of the many who didn't even know this was even used still.

If you would like to help further one very important thing is to spay and neuter your pets, you can write your local legislatures to tell them to please consider banning these practices and another is to support your local NO kill shelter instead of these facilities that use gas chambers and hopefully we can put an end to this torture. To find out if your shelter allows gas chambers call them and politely ask its a difficult subject to discuss.
Take Action Ban Gas chambers (click on name) this is the facebook page of a wonderful set of ladies they are at this day and night I can't thank them enough for creating this page I can at least pass it on! They will help with any question they are able to answer.

I also came across another bit of information that animals from SOME (not all) facilities are sold to research companies to do tests for products. I will be scarred for life after some of the pictures I have seen and video's on animal testing but these are the facilities that we are suppose to trust to find our local pets/strays a good home.... makes me sick.

Mrs Bonnie Snyder I would like to thank you so much for putting my petition in your article Examiner- Gas chambers don't let this happen

Thank you so much for helping we might not be able to do it alone but we can all stand up and get noticed!

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