Stand against Uganda's homophobic attitudes


Uganda Government Intends to pass into law a bill that criminalizes perceived gays. In this same bill the government asserts that writing or talking about gays, will be will be a criminal act.

  • Implications
      Publication and distribution of literature on perceived homosexuality or advocacy will be a criminal act thus  Limiting Freedom of Expression


The bill if passed into law, further negates ideals of free world. The state and the government of Uganda continues to attack freedom of  expression by imposing unnecessary sanctions on the media, and arbitrarily arresting and detaining journalists and other stakeholders in a free world .They are variously detained in ungazatted centers  and /or Torture chambers.

In 2007, five journalists working with a local news paper monitor were charged of sedition after the paper published an article that the Uganda government was secretly training soldiers as policemen.Many free thinking  Ugandans  todate continue be framed and  held illegally unkwown places.

Just last month, Kiza Besigye the leader of opposition Forum for Democratic change was blocked from addressing the People of Karamoja Region on Radio. Uganda Government through its military operations continues to use force in Karamoja Region. Government Soldiers continue not only to  loot, rape women, but also kill Karamongs under the guise of disarmament. This was followed by another attempt where the governement stopped residents of Hoima from attending the Sunday 6th Political rally  organized by the umbrella organization for the major opposition parties in Uganda .

  State and Bed Room affairs

Also passing the bill into a law, Uganda government is setting a precedent where bedrooms will be mediated by the government. This is no different from Nazi Germany's policies which brought   policies that defined what a man or woman chose to marry. Such policies negate severely on freedom of choice which is just part of human nature.

Ugand's Problems are more than; gay, Lesbians, prostitutes, pornography which the government of Uganda has recently chosen to address. People need more services in the health ,Education, and others sectors .There are recurrent lack of Drugs and staff shortages in National Referral Hospitals and the situation is pathetic in rural clinics. Hunger continues to be a problem while funds scheduled to address such problems is mismanaged and sometimes swindled by corrupt government officials. Education has largely become a preserve of the rich as Government Structures are creating conditions where Education is increasingly been privatized. Most Government schools although physically functional, standards of education are worryingly low and it is worse in rural areas where teachers are as scarce as gold.   Uganda should therefore be addressing such issues but choosing to persecute gays is diversion from real issues.

Persecuting gays will not help bring drugs to clinics which are ever out of drugs, nether will it end endemic problem of hunger and extreme poverty characteristic in some parts of Uganda. It will instead further alienate a minority community. Minorities need protection not alienation.
Urge the Ugandan Government to stop persecuting minorities and focus on real issues

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