Stop inhumane, disease causing methods of animal farming for human consumption

Petition President Obama to stop the inhumane, disease causing methods of animal farming for human consumption that is being allowed.  The industries involved make high profits at the expense of inhumane treatment of animals and illness to humans that live nearby, work at these sites and now global viruses. 
** We are all affected by the pollution from these farms that runs into our waters causing dead zones with no oxygen resulting in dead fish and fish with sores.  The waste from these pig, chicken, cow and fish farms are highly toxic and infiltrates our waters.
**  We desire laws to change these disgusting practices and a media blitz reminding people that there are other sources of protein (soy, lentils, beans, etc.) and that for heart health, only a deck of cards sized portion of meat is recommended for meat consumers.
**  Globally, humans have increased their population 50% in 50 years.  Human overpopulation and their living styles are the greatest reason for global warming.  The more people to feed - the more animal farms and more use of steroids and antibiotics in our food chain and waters causing even more caustic pollution and disease resistance.  Let's get real as to where all this is going if current trends are not restructured thru educating to the facts and more laws to protect our planet,  its creatures and its inhabitants.  Please hear us and act upon this situation.
We the undersigned are requesting action be taken to stop the inhumane food production methods - embark on a program that will enlighten man to the problems caused by overpopulation and the pollution, disease caused by animal farms.  "Meatless Mondays" would reduce consumption and the use of other protein sources and more vegetables in man's diet could even bring healthier cardiovascular systems.

Thank you
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